SpongeBob The Musical

The vibrant atmosphere of Bikini Bottom comes to Utica High on April 28 through April 30.


Victoria Viglione, Reporter

Featured in Utica’s box office was SpongeBob The Musical. SpongeBob was performed on April 28 through April 30. The show featured a vibrant setting, light hearted fun, and amazing music. Whether a fan of SpongeBob the cartoon or not, the musical is appealing to everyone. Original songs from the soundtrack included pieces written by Cyndi Lauper, John Legend, Panic! At The Disco, and David Bowie.

The plot of the musical is about facing a difficult problem and working together to solve it. A volcano was supposed to erupt in Bikini Bottom and at first the characters were frightened. As soon as they worked together though, they found a helpful solution. Although SpongeBob The Musical heavily relates to the show, this version has it’s own twist.

“The creators of the play do not want you to exactly copy the show. They want you to put your own creativity into it,” producer/scenographer Joel Kaczmarczyk said. “Our crew did great on finding creative ways to identify the characters without directly copying them”.

The effects and costumes were just as colorful and vibrant as SpongeBob the show, but not mimicking the show completely.

“The play is very visually appealing, we didn’t want to copy the cartoon exactly, but you can still identify the characters,” senior Hannah Lesner said.

The atmosphere and talent was sure to be entertaining for the audience.

“There are alot of special effects the play like a fog machine and bubbles,” said sophomore Val Roberts

“I think the audience is going to have a blast. There are a lot of effects and some audience participation as well,” Lesner said.

Not only was the musical enjoyable for the audience, but the cast also had a great time performing the show.

“Learning the rap as Plankton was my favorite part,” Roberts said.

The hard work put into SpongeBob definitely paid off.

“I think the singing is incredible, the actors are all experienced and prepared, the band and choir are amazing, it all sounds really good,” Lesner said.

At the end of every show the room was filled with applause. After months of work, Sponge Bob was finally performed and it could not have gone any better.

“I am extremely proud and thankful for everyone who has helped me on this show,” Kaczmarczyk said. “Everyone has worked hard to make this show happen.”

SpongeBob was a musical to remember for the cast, crew, and the audience.