Students, staff look forward to 2017

Jack Wexler, Guest Reporter

New Years Eve and New Years day can be one of the most mellow holidays of the year. It is a time to reminisce on the past year and make plans for the next, and being so close to Christmas, a time to spend with the family.

“Our family all gets together and spend time together, watch football,” teacher Susan Bernardi said, “and watch the ball drop into the new year.”

All families have their own tradition around the holiday season, and it is all based around spending time with the people you love.

“I go over to my Grandma’s house and sit around and watch football,” Junior Jacob Balsamo said.

A very common tradition among American families is to watch the countless number of college football games all around the holiday season.

“I get together with family and friends in a big banquet hall, dance, and have a good time,” said Senior Kevin Pengili.

Different families have different traditions that they participate in during the holiday season, but one remains, spending time and reconnecting during the cold winter months.