Multimedia students create ‘Seven Grandfathers Teachings’

Senior Avery Green in Multimedia class working on her seven grandfathers project.
Senior Avery Green in Multimedia class working on her seven grandfathers’ project.
George Eisho

As a part of the Utica high spirit, students are being introduced to the Seven Grandfathers teachings. These are a collection of different teachings that guide people through life. These teachings are made up of wisdom, bravery, love, respect, humility, truth, and honesty.

Students in Multimedia are creating a project, each with their own animal and background to represent one of the grandfathers. The photography teacher, Erin Woodall, will be in charge of the project.

“It’s honoring but also nerve-racking,” Woodall said, “because you want make sure that you follow those grandfathers, and you follow them correctly.”

Some students working on this project had a similar reaction.

“This is really good,” senior Alyssa Mortimer said. “Its really is great. I feel like I’m a part of something bigger than myself.”

Senior Jay Coleman agrees with Mortimer’s opinion.

“It’s Pretty good. It makes me feel good about the school and representing the school is pretty cool,” Coleman said.

Senior Daniel Boyd also has a similar feeling about the project.

“It feels good to be part of such a big project. It doesn’t seem like this would happen to me,” Boyd said, “but it did and I’m happy about it.”

Senior Avery Green not only agrees, but she is glad that this chance was given to her.

“It feels good to know that the school gave me something this important to represent the school,” Green said. “I won’t take it for granted.”

The seven teachings are correspondent to the Native American way of life. Many students believe in all seven, but there is usually one teaching each student believes stands out more than the rest.

“I think the bear is the most important,” Mortimer said. “It represents courage and I think that it is important to have courage and not let other people let you down in spirit.”

“I believe the grandfather teaching that represents love is the most important.” Coleman said. “Love is everywhere and should be shared to everyone.”

Boyd has the same favorite teaching as Coleman.

“I believe in the eagle because it represents love,” Boyd said. “Love is emotional and gives off sympathy to others. If there is no love, then how would we talk to each other.”

“I believe the most important is the buffalo because it represents respect,” Green said. “Respect is important for a steady relationship. Respect to your friends and family means that inside, you are a good person and that leads to good fortune in your future.”

Embracing these teachings and the Chieftain has proven to have a positive impact on students.

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