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“I enjoy cooking alone 
because I can have more control. I am able to make and clean up the mess I made, and in the end, it’s all very soothing.” 
- Kara Boice, sophomore
Courtesy photo by Kara Boice

Cooking Sensation

Anna Brown, Editor May 29, 2024

  Old recipe cards left by family members or simply experimenting to find your perfect flavor, cooking is a kind of relaxation for many. Baking and cooking is considered a culinary art...

“Seeing it all come
 together is the best part. I love the process.” 
- junior Allison Tuttle
Photo by: Natalie Garwood

Hooked on Crochet

Anna Brown, Editor May 29, 2024

It all started when her mom was teaching her how to knit, but it wasn’t exactly junior Allison Tuttle’s cup of tea. “When I tried crocheting, though, I loved it,” Tuttle said. “It gave...

For the first time ever, senior Matthew Hanoush attends a Lions game. “I went to the game against the Seattle Seahawks,” Hanoush said. “The crowd was so loud. We were all coming in this season with high expectations.” Even though the game ended in a 37-31 loss for the Lions, they walked away with their heads held high. 

Courtesy photo by Matthew Hanoush

Defend the Den

Anna Brown, Editor May 29, 2024

This 2023 season has definitely had its ups and downs, but many Lions fans are quite pleased with the outcome of this season. “I just had a feeling that the Lions were gong to do good this season,”...

DECA rewards
Photo Creds: Ms. Boice


Natalie Campeau May 14, 2024

Students in DECA were participating in competitions with other schools demonstrating their college and career knowledge. Luckily, students from Utica won very special awards for their skills and talent. "I...

Madalynn Scherer trying on her prom dress

Prom Anticipation

Akiyah Henderson, Reporter May 8, 2024

Prom can be one of the most memorable nights of a teen’s life. A night of laughter, dancing, and fun with the people you love. Seniors tell us what their most excited for their prom. “I’ve been...

Malcolm Todd and his band preforming one of his hit songs during the concert.

Malcolm Todd live at El Club in Detroit

Gracie Wetherington, Editor-in-Chief May 6, 2024

Waiting in anticipation, the crowd was rustling around in the small room. Everyone trying to get as close to the stage as possible. Then, all the sudden the crowd burst into screams and cheers. Malcolm...

Hadley Clark’s perfect bowling form.

MAC White Champs

TeYanna Eades, Editor April 20, 2024

The girls bowling team had a successful game at the MAC white division with an undefeated record of 12-0. “I felt accomplished of me and my team for winning,” senior Regan Kelly said. After some...

Teacher of the year Stacy Konnie works at her desk.

Meet Utica’s 2024 Teacher of the year

Loriana Mannino, Managing Editor April 6, 2024

Out of 65 teachers, English and Spanish teacher Stacey Konnie has been awarded teacher of the year. “I am very honored to receive the award,” teacher Stacy Konnie said. “All of the teachers in this...

Kathryn Newton left sits left of Cole Sprouse as Lisa and “The Creature” in Lisa Frankenstein.

Lisa Frankenstein: Is It Peaceful Down There?

Misty Thomson, Reporter March 8, 2024

What happens when you mix an 80s slasher, a romcom, and a book from the 19th century? You get a horribly funny movie for the girls who get it. It involves a tanning bed, a dead musician, and some cheerleaders...

Student releases Vivid Apparel

Student releases Vivid Apparel

Loriana Mannino, Managing Editor February 15, 2024

Junior Julian Namo is a naturally talented artist. Namo has never taken any art classes to teach him how to draw, but he decided to follow his heart and create something that a lot of people love. “The...

The Silent Patient Book cover.

Book Review: ‘The Silent Patient’

Danica Milovanovski, Reporter February 8, 2024

I have a lot to say about "The Silent Patient" by Alex Michaelides. First, if you want to start reading more and don't know where to start, I suggest this book. It is a short read at only about 330 pages....

senior Molly Collettes 1950s Prom Dress

Prom Dress Shopping

Katlyn Maryanski, Reporter February 7, 2024

Students are excited about dressing up for Prom 2024, Many students will start dress shopping months in advance to find the perfect dress for their preferences. "I've been thinking of going to prom,...

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