2018-2019 Staff

Madalyn Dishman


Madalyn is currently a senior and is very excited to start her third year as editor-in-chief. When she's not dealing with Jacob, Evan, and Collin's goofy antics, she is captain of the varsity dance team, and member of the National...

Jacob Joseph

Managing Editor

Jacob is currently a senior and is very ecstatic to be the Managing Editor, and a three-year newspaper staff member. He can't wait to be the heir to the throne of the Madalyn Dishman! He is very good-looking and has many talents....

Evan Gray

Online Editor

Evan Gray is a Senior this year and this is his third year on staff. He loves newspaper so much because he is so good at it. He is also a huge football team and a diehard fan of the Dallas Cowboys. Evan hopes to proceed to do...

Collin Fox

Sports Editor

This is Collin's third and final year with good ol' Smales. He is the sports editor and is ready to go out with a bang and do it to em this year. #comebackszn

Hannah Piasecki

Design Editor

Hannah Piasecki is a senior and design editor in her third year as part of the Arrow staff. She's part of DECA, Quill & Scroll, and hopes to join more clubs as the year progresses. She listens to music probably about 90% of...

Alexa Reynolds

Design Editor

Alexa Reynolds. What to say about her... Well she loves watching Netflix, specifically "Voltron: Legendary Defender," and snowboarding in the Upper Peninsula. Aside from playing her ukulele to annoy the principal, Alexa love...

Mackenzie Malone

Social Media Editor

This is Mackenzie's second year on the UHS Arrow staff. This year she is excited to be the social media editor and write even more stories than she did last year. In her spare time she loves to watch movies and read books. Next...

Emily Kramer


Emily Kramer is a senior at Utica High School. Her favorite quote is "People change and things go wrong but just remember life goes on."

Arianna Palushaj


Senior Arianna Palushaj is very excited to start her second year on the UHS Arrow staff as the online editor. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, and hanging out with her super cute nephew. She can't wait to see what...

Cameron Smale


Cameron Smale is a junior editor who has a comical, sarcastic attitude towards any situation. He isn't shy and doesn't mind making statements or asking questions that might raise some eyebrows. He is creative with his writing...

Haley Grooms


Haley Grooms is a normal reporter just trying to go through life. She is a part of French Club, SHF, and UHS Soccer. She enjoys to adventure and mainly irritate Abby. For fun, Haley likes to hang out with friends, go to concerts,...

Talia Cesario


Talia Cesario is a 4'9'' junior with a bad habit of biting her nails. She runs on the Utica cross country team and enjoys listening to music, watching TV, and procrastinating on math homework. Talia loves writing stories and interviewing...

Julia Bartoy


Julia is currently a senior and a transfer to Utica this year. This is her first year on newspaper and she is ready to see what the Arrow staff has in store. In her free time, she likes to chill with her friends, draw, binge watch...

Parker Hopkins


Parker Hopkins is a reporter for The Arrow and a junior this year. They are also involved with Utica United and International Thespian Society. Outside of school, they help out with Affirmations and spend an unhealthy amount of...

Abby Jenkins


Abby Jenkins is a reporter that is currently a junior at Utica High School. She is a part of the Utica color guard and French club. Abby likes to listen to music and hang out with her guinea pig, Bo. Other than that, she is a...

Dominic Lount


Dominic Lount is a junior at Utica and entering his second year on the newspaper staff. He loves to write and likes to cover any exciting story that comes his way. He is extremely funny and brings positive vibes into the newspaper...

Anthony Barney

Guess Reporter

Anthony Barney is a Utica junior, and is just trying to make it to the next day. Although this is his first year on the staff, he is very energetic for the school year ahead, and all the stories he has in stock. He is only in...

Alyssa Ali

Guest reporter

As of the 2018-19 school year, Alyssa is attending Utica High School as a senior. She is a proud member of National Honor Society as well as a sideline and competitive varsity cheerleader. When she is not cheering, you will most...

Raymond Altmann

Guest reporter

Raymond Altmann is a sophomore Utica High School. This is his first in Jouralism and is looking forward to three years in it. He wants to peruse a career in the Navy Military Police. He is good good friends with Aiden Ketchum...

Bella Cangemi

Guest Reporter

Bella Cangemi is a sophomore at Utica. Her favorite show is Keeping Up With The Kardashians and she loves hanging out with her friends. Her favorite color is blue, her favorite sport is basketball and she has an older brother...

Mackenzie Olmstead

Guest Reporter

Mackenzie Olmstead is a half shy, half outgoing sophomore at Utica High School. Olmstead is a very funny, entertaining teenager who is way too invested in YouTube and TV shows. She is very interested in music and writing and loves...

Shelby Carlson

Guest Reporter

Shelby Carlson is currently a junior in her first year of journalism at Utica High School. She enjoys listening to music and hanging out with her friends during her free time. She is on the Utica varsity swim team. She hopes to...

Emily Klee

Guest Reporter

Emily is a senior, and is in her first year of journalism. For most of her school career, she's enjoyed classes in social studies and English, and this year finally took her hobby of writing and applied it to a class, and is excited...

Aubrey Stellman

Guest Reporter

Senior Aubrey Stellman is a guest reporter in her first, and last, year in journalism at Utica. Most days after school, you can find her at the Van Dyke Ford plant as a programmer for her robotics team, the ThunderChickens. She...

Colleen Roberts

Guest Reporter

Colleen is currently a senior at Utica and is in her first year as a part of the 205 crew. She is the captain of the varsity dance team and is a part of many clubs such as National Honor Society and Hispanic Honor Society. When...

Oliver Gamez

Guest Reporter

Oliver is a sophomore and in his first year of Journalism. When he's not in school, he spends most of his time watching 'The Office' and 'Supernatural' with his cat and Razorback Pit Bull. Outside of that he also enjoys writing...

Aiden Ketchum

Guest Reporter

Aiden Ketchum is attending his first year at Utica High School as a Sophomore. This is his first year in Journalism and may be doing it through high school he doesn't know yet. He is super cool, funny, and a overall nice guy....

Nur Awkal

Guest Reporter

Nur Awkal is a junior this year and this is her first year taking journalism. She is trying out new classes this year. She hopes this class will help her in the future. She enjoys writing, and hanging out with her friends in her...

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