2017-2018 Staff

Dylan Cartwright

Guest Reporter

Dylan is a junior in his first year of journalism. He likes to sleep in class and talk to friends, and when he's not at school he's either shopping at Former Vintage or in bed watching YouTube. He hopes to improve in school a...

Courtney Pullman

Guest Reporter

Courtney is a senior at Utica and it is her first year being a part of the 205 journalism and yearbook staffs. This year she hopes that she improves as a writer while being a part of a great crew. When she is not at school, she ...

Emily Kramer

Guest Reporter

Emily Kramer is a junior this year and this is her first year with the 205 crew. In her free time she likes to play guitar, practice drums, and listen to music. She is very passionate about music and her family. She is very eag...

Abby Jenkins

Guest Reporter

Abby Jenkins is a reporter that is currently a sophomore at Utica High School. She is a part of French Club and enjoys it greatly. When Abby is not in a school, she enjoys reading and listening to music. You can find her hang...

Dominic Lount

Guest Reporter

Dominic Lount is a reporter and completing his first year of journalism. He does his best to attain good grades, and likes seeing his friends throughout the day. When outside of school, he enjoys weight training, and playing ba...

Talia Cesario

Guest Reporter

Talia Cesario is a sophomore who enjoys writing and editing. She loves journalism, but wants to join newspaper someday. Talia loves running and is on the Utica Cross Country team. Talia’s hobbies consist of photography, sports,...

Joey Heck

Guest Reporter

Joey Heck is a senior and this is his first, and last, year being a part of the 205 Journalism staff. He currently plays baseball for the school and wants to go out with a bang. When he is not at school, he hoops at the rec and...

Mackenzie Malone

Guest Reporter

Reporter Mackenzie Malone is a junior and is enjoying her first year on the newspaper staff. In her spare time, Mackenzie likes to journal, paint, read, and binge watch Netflix. Her life has been heavily influenced by music and...

JR Medlin

Guest Reporter

JR Medlin is currently a sophomore at Utica High School and is completing his first year of journalism. JR took journalism because of his interest in the class and to complete his visual performing arts credit. He enjoys listenin...

Haley Grooms

Guest Reporter

Haley Grooms is a sporadic, self-declared adventurer, and lasagna-eating machine. She is currently a sophomore and plays soccer for the Utica soccer team. In addition to all of this, she is also in the French Club. She has a p...

Finn Anthony Hopkins

Guest Reporter

Finn Anthony Hopkins is currently a sophomore, making this their first year on the staff as a reporter. When they are not drowning in homework, they are usually helping out with Affirmations or Utica Theater. They are also in...

Arianna Palushaj

Guest Reporter

Reporter Arianna Palushaj is currently a junior and is completing her first year on the staff. In her free time, Arianna enjoys writing, reading, and discovering new music. Arianna also dedicates a lot of her time to her friend...

Cameron Smale

Guest Reporter

Cameron Smale is currently a sophomore at Utica High School. You will never catch Cameron working an office job. He loves any job that includes being active and moving around. He’s a big risk taker and always stays positive...

Hannah Piasecki

Design Editor

Hannah Piasecki is a junior in her second year on Arrow staff and first year as Design Editor. She is a music enthusiast, novice photographer and artist, avid reader, and professional daydreamer. Despite being an introvert, she...

Madalyn Dishman

Managing Editor

Madalyn is currently a junior and is starting her second year on newspaper as managing editor. She is a member of the varsity dance team and French Honor Society. You can find her spending her days at the dance studio finding tim...

Lauren Clair


Lauren Clair is a junior looking forward to her first year on the Arrow staff. Her hobbies include reading, spending useless hours on the internet, and playing the piano and the flute. She is also a part of Utica’s Marching Ba...

Nicole Mcmenomay

Social Media Editor

Nicole is a senior and this is her third year being a part of the 205 crew. This year she is working as the Social Media Manager. She is a captain of the Varsity Girls Swim Team and a perpetually chlorinated person. Additionall...

Elizabeth Cetnar


Elizabeth Cetnar is a senior and is proud to be the editor-in-chief of the award-winning Arrow newspaper. During her second year on the newspaper staff, she hopes to help the publication reach new heights. When she is not fulfil...

Reid Bonifas

Sports editor

Reid Bonifas is a sports reporter for the newspaper. He is a senior and is graduating in 2018. He plays football and does track and field. He is a wonderful person and has a contagious smile. 

Alexa Reynolds

Graphic Design Editor

Alexa Reynolds is a student in her junior year that owns a ukulele. She will sing/perform for food, however horrific the singing may be, as long as the food is decent. Alexa has a slight obsession with everything related to book...

Jack Wexler


Jack is going into his junior year at Utica and his first year, officially, on the newspaper staff. He enjoys running, running, and running a little more. Jack is excited to write more stories and learn more about InDesign.

Evan Gray

Online Editor

This is Evan's second year on the Arrow staff and he is very excited about that. His hobbies include hanging out with his friends, writing amazing stories, and being better than all of his peers. He is the Online Editor this school...

Jacob Joseph

Copy Editor

Jacob Joseph is currently a junior, and is completing his second year on the staff. He enjoys playing basketball, and dominating kids on 2K. He also enjoys using pickup lines to anyone. Whoever is reading this, he’d like to...

Chris Esmont


Chris is a junior at Utica he loves to play football and loves to hang out with his friends and little brothers. His favorite football team is the Detroit Lions. This is his second year on the staff and he is hoping to write the b...

Donnie Krall

Business Manager

Senior Donnie is the business manager and is in his third year on the newspaper staff. He is ready to finish up newspaper in style. He plans to make a comeback in basketball after an almost career-ending injury. ...

Collin Fox

Sports Editor

This is Collin’s second year of newspaper and he’s ready to kill it this year. He runs cross country and plays lacrosse, and is the sports editor this year. His hobbies include being better than Evan and writing the heck ...

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