Kathryn Newton left sits left of Cole Sprouse as Lisa and “The Creature” in Lisa Frankenstein.
Kathryn Newton left sits left of Cole Sprouse as Lisa and “The Creature” in Lisa Frankenstein.
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Lisa Frankenstein: Is It Peaceful Down There?

Love After Death

What happens when you mix an 80s slasher, a romcom, and a book from the 19th century? You get a horribly funny movie for the girls who get it. It involves a tanning bed, a dead musician, and some cheerleaders with colors and vibes so explosive that your eyes might just pop out.

It’s a shock that this movie did not get half the love it deserves being that it is the directorial debut of none other than Zelda Williams, Robin William’s daughter, and it being written by Diablo Cody who wrote Jennifer’s body and Juno. Cody’s unique writing style prevalent in the dream sequences and hilarious dialogue.

Cole Sprouse and Katheryn Newton star in this film as the creature and the romantic Lisa Swallows. Lisa lives with her step sister, step mom, and unassuming dad all in a giant house. Lisa Swallows is an odd teenager who never quite go the memo that it was the 80s. Along with her love for the cure and “music for people with feelings.” she adores going to the old cemetery that nobody else dares to step near. She has a favorite grave that she has tended to since she was young as shown by the starting credits.

We learn when Lisa and her sister, Taffy, head to a party that her mother had passed when an intruder broke into the house. Lisa speaks of how death fascinates her but still affects her to the point where she has basically gone mute.

After the party went south due to both a gross old chemistry partner and some fruit punch, Lisa stumbled through woods just to pass out in her room. Now this is one of my favorite scenes in the movie paying homage to classic films like A Trip To The Moon(1902). The scene takes Lisa’s average room and shifts it to this black and white romantic visual showing that this is a big moment that will change her life or death.

She wakes up the next morning to her stepmother cursing at her for breaking the mirror the night before while she was in a daze while her father hints at the green storm that will awaken the creature.

The rest of the movie takes a gory but impassioned turn when the creature breaks into the house asking for a new hands and ear, tears smelling of decay. She first refuses but her hand is forced when her mother wants to send her away.

Any telling of the events that follow would spoil the movie, but when a movie gets 4.3 stars you know that you absolutely must watch it. The creators show their love for horror with references to Rocky Horror Picture Show and plenty of well known slashers. The writing, costumes, and over all atmosphere of the movie gives camp in the most glamorous way. The teased hair, suspenders and gradual changes in make up add so much to the

already wonderful quotes, I can’t fight this feeling to watch the movie ten million times.

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