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    Utica Water Wars 2024

    Over 30 teams of seniors compete for a prize of nearly $5,000 in this years Water Wars competition.
    Danny Boyd
    The Squirtified Offenders, Danny Boyd, Blake Jahn, Daniela Cesario, Matt Jenkins, locked and loaded

    Splash! Watch out as the Utica 2024 Water Wars competition has been underway. 39 teams, each team filled with 5 different seniors, the goal… Eliminate your opposing team and come out victorious.

    The winning prize is $4,975 cash prize to be split amongst the 5 members and that puts a lot at stake for the competitors.

    There were some very interesting name choices “Two Pump Chumps”, “Squirtified Offenders”, “Talk Squirty to Me”, “The leaky Blinders”, “Federal Bureau of Squirter’s”, “Aqua-Holics”, and many more. And none holding back on originality.

    To play is hard but to put this whole thing together is an even harder task.

    “I would’ve hated for our senior class to not have water wars,” senior Emma Pipitone said. “So I took one for the team and ran it.”

    It seems Like it would be a challenge to get the best players together to win.

    “It was a little difficult,” senior Jacob Choluj said. “We had to get players who weren’t too far and were committed to come outside.”

    The water wars action kicked off April 8, at 6:00 am and already there was a victim of an early morning camp out.

    Mackenzie Waterhouse’s house was the very first to be visited, by the Two Pump Chumps.

    “Our whole team met at McDonald’s to get breakfast,” senior Landon Drew said, “after we finished eating we pulled up to her house in my car and waited for her.”

    The Two Pump Chumps consisted of Landon Drew, Timmy Geottes, Mason Brodi, Riley Sangster, and Blake Dean.

    This years seniors level of competitiveness and seriousness was strongly influenced by the amount of money at stake.

    “I’m taking this very serious,” Senior Blake Jahn said. “I need this money to help pay for school.”

    Jahn’s team, Squirtified Offenders, consists of Danny Boyd, Matt Jenkins, and Daniela Cesario.

    The matchups have been heated ever since the start.

    “Just in the first week my team took it very seriously,” Drew said. “Even though one of our teammates was injured from baseball.”

    All the teams keeping their eyes on the prize.

    “We are taking this very serious,” senior Nick Gocjaj said. “$1,000 is a lot of money and I want it.”

    Maybe even unplanned teams.

    “Honestly, I wasn’t planning on doing water wars,” senior Daniela Cesario said, “but after my friends told me they needed a fifth member, and I knew I’d be a difficult target and I made the decision to play.”

    You can’t have fun without friends.

    “Just being with my friends and being together and having fun,” senior Nick Gocjaj said.

    Ending the senior year with a splash of fun.

    “My team and I thought it would be fun to end our senior year doing something fun,” senior Jacob Choluj said. “Water wars came up so we decided to play.”

    Just a fun activity to close out the last of you high school years.

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