Summer construction improves the school


Chris Esmont

The bathrooms near the theatre are still under construction.

Utica High School, home of the Utica Chieftains. It was built in 1876 and it has constantly being improved.  Over the summer, The school had construction done to many classes, bathrooms, and other areas within the school. The school was closed down and nobody could go in the school. The bathrooms have been completely transformed in comparison to last year.

“The construction happened in 20 classrooms,” principal Thomas Lietz said. “The floor and carpet smelt bad, and TV’s turned into monitors. They had workers gut the bathrooms out, they tore them down to the ground.”

The English and social studies rooms upstairs were all remodeled including teacher Taryn Larson’s class, and teacher Joel Kaczmarcyk’s room. The bathrooms by the drama and weight room are still not available for use because they have not finished. They will be ready for use in hopefully two weeks but it could take longer. This bathroom is the only one not available right now out of the bathrooms that were under construction this past summer.

“I am very happy to have the construction on my room,” teacher Andrea Solomon said. “The biggest change was clean and fresh looks and smells, it was well worth it.”

Even though some of the teachers got what they wanted, some teachers did not. Teacher Craig Smale still would like some much needed remodeling. Smale has a painting in his room even though he has requested to have it painted over.

“The only new thing I got from the construction is new carpet,” Smale said. “The carpet freshened up my room but the only thing I wish for right now is some painting in here.”