Art of salsa dancing

SHH students embrace culture

Hispanic Heritage Society is an organization based on the celebration of Hispanic heritage. This year kicked off with salsa lessons for club members.
SHH has been running for 10 years and members have been participating in salsa dancing for just as long.
“We are getting practice in by using a YouTube video,” SHH organization leader Julie Wright said. “Then we will go to Oakland University to learn from an actual instructor.”
Members of Hispanic Heritage Society were filled with enthusiasm when it came time to practice the art of salsa dancing. By holding lessons after school, the club opened up new possibilities for the students.
“It’s a great opportunity to learn salsa dancing,” senior Marissa Cavataio said, “and it definitely takes you out of your comfort zone.”
Ten years ago, the list of clubs was extensive, but a Spanish club was not among the list. Wright decided that the Hispanic Heritage Society would be beneficial for students who wanted to maintain or further their Spanish heritage, as well as help others around them.
“We also give back to the community,” Wright said. “We adopt a family during Christmas and participate in Relay for Life in the spring.”
Hispanic Heritage Society not only benefits the students involved, but it also benefits the school as a whole.
“I wanted to be more involved with the Spanish culture,” Cavataio said, “and I was able to bond with everyone in HHS.”