Ouija movie review

I jumped at the chance to see the movie Ouija ahead of time in hope of seeing something with scare factor. Ouija definitely went beyond the expectations I had for it.

It was a movie about a group of friends who play the Ouija board to try to communicate with their late friend Debbie. When connections are made between them and the spirit world, things start to get spooky.

Ouija created suspense and quenched the the audience’s thirst for fear. The movie was filled with fresh scares, unexpected twists and the occasional cliche. To say the movie was scary would be an understatement. Fright and horror moved the movie along.I was constantly holding my hands in front of my face and people around me were screaming and jumping.

The spirit in the film not only haunted the teens in the movie but, also the minds of those in the audience. As I was walking out of the theater I heard a guy say he was never going to floss again. This movie is to die for…literally. Go see the movie Ouija in theaters near you…unless you think it’s just a game.