Students trade sleep for late night at Ed Sheeran concert


Scream as loud as you can. Then once you’ve done that, scream louder. Because a great show is about to start.
The stadium rumbles from the cheers of an aggressive audience, as singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran steps one foot on stage. While playing a sold-out show at the Palace of Auburn Hills, the red-headed artist serenades the stadium with his sweet sounding voice and outstanding guitar playing. With spectacular harmonies from his loop pedal, a device that can play back sounds, and exciting screen effects, the night multiplies in excitement.

“I was jamming out with everyone next to me,” senior Skylar Senn said. “We were next to a mom and her daughter who were singing along with us.”

Senior Patience Paine was one of the contestants who re-tweeted the Arrow’s concert tweet in order to win free tickets to see Sheeran. Paine hoped to win, but never expected to hear her name called.
“I was shocked that I won,” Paine said. “I was screaming in the lunchroom.”
Although Paine is a huge Sheeran fan, this was her very first time seeing him in concert. Paine said she was surprised when she first arrived at the concert, seeing an overwhelming amount of other girls there.
“The screaming was obnoxious,” Paine said. “There were a lot of wild fans shouting random comments while he was singing.”
Unfortunately for concert attendees, all good things must come to an end, and for students like Paine, school would come only few hours later. After a wild night of screams, devoted fans will sacrifice sleep and their focus for school the next day.
“The next day at school was tough,” Paine said. “I noticed people in concert tees looking exhausted all day.”
As the post-concert zombies enter the school, they showed off their Sheeran pride, infecting fellow students with their contagious drowsiness. Senior Amanda Weisman, a die hard fan, sacrificed studying for an AP European History test just to see Sheeran perform.
“I was super tired,” Weisman said. “After school, I came home and slept for the rest of the day.”
Weisman later went on to say that she passed that test. However, not all students were as lucky as Weisman. Some students treated the day after as a blow-off, no matter the consequences.
So go and scream your head off. Cheer, dance and sing as loud as you can. If you don’t know the words to the song, just make them up as you go. It’s more fun that way. Then get so wild that the people sitting down behind you complain that you are in their line of sight. Just be sure to finish your homework for tomorrow.