Remembering Detroit Police Officer Glenn Doss

Alumnus from Class of 2011 shot and killed while on duty in Detroit

Detroit police officer Glenn Doss was known to many as a humble leader who carried the weight of those he loved on his shoulders. Doss was a 2011 Utica High School alumnus who was also recognized for his outstanding performance in football and track.

2011 UHS Warrior Yearbook
Glenn Doss poses with the 2011 Homecoming Court. ”Glenn came in as a shy tenth grader,” teacher and coach Mark
Moehlig said. “He was so incredibly gifted and was loved by so many people around him.”

On the night of Jan. 24, officer Doss was shot in the head while on duty in Detroit’s East side, and later died as a result of his injuries. Gov. Rick Snyder ordered U.S and Michigan flags to be lowered to half-staff on Feb. 2 on all state buildings and within the state Capitol complex in honor of Doss.

The tragic incident hit very close to home for many of Doss’s former Utica teachers and coaches.

“Doss ‘the Boss’ would always come and visit me even after he graduated,” teacher Aaron Davis said. “Glenn just had one of those personalities everyone easily gravitated toward. He was an outstanding character and had great moral values.”

2011 UHS Warrior Yearbook
During a timeout, Glenn Doss gets a pep talk from football coach Tony Smith. “He was a very good football player,” Smith said. “He played all three of his high school years on varsity.”

According to teacher and football coach Tony Smith, Glenn Doss was extremely athletically talented and helped carry his teams to victory on every occasion.

“Doss was so dedicated to the football team and always worked on perfecting his skills,” Smith said. “Glenn’s senior year, we won the MAC White Championship. He made three tackles for losses on the goal line against Henry Ford. He played such an unforgettable game that night.”

Officer Doss leaves his girlfriend of nine years, Emily Crouse, as well as their 11-month-old baby, behind.

“He was so excited to be a dad. Glenn always went above and beyond his call of duty. He worked 16 hour shifts and came home and took care of our newborn son,” Crouse said. “He loved what he did. He went to work every day excited and came home feeling like he accomplished something. He lived a short life, but a very full one.”

According to many, Doss was a hard-working individual that will forever be known for his dedication and ability to always make a positive impact on others.

Officer Doss served his community with diligence and honor, and will be remembered by the Utica and Detroit communities as an American hero.