Voters approve ‘Safe Streets’ millage to repair roads in Sterling Heights

The “snoypocalypse” of 2013 left Michigan roads torn up, tarnished and even undrivable in some areas.

In the Utica Community School District, snow days due to poor road conditions exceeded the state of Michigan’s allotted number.

With the constant freezing, salting, and thawing of the roads, April showers brought more than flowers. They brought pot holes big enough to damage cars beyond repair.

Drivers across Macomb County have dealt with flat tires, bent rims, and a host of other issues.

In Sterling Heights, voters approved the Safe Streets millage, and according to the Department of Public Works director, over $12 million dollars of local repairs have been completed.

The DPW is responsible for the road repairs, and with a 50 percent increase in funding, they have been able to replace nearly 34,000 square yards of concrete pavement.

“The streets are so much easier to drive on,” senior Ashley Badulacco said. “It feels so much safer to drive when there aren’t as many pot holes on the road.”

Without the millage, the road improvements would have not been possible. While dozens of roads are being fixed, most of the work is being done in the south part of the community, because the pavement is much older there.

Throughout the county roads are being fixed. Significant repairs were made on Schoenherr, Hall, Maple Lane, 15 mile, and Dodge Park roads.

With roads on the mend, residents prepare for another harsh winter, and the potential for further pot holes.