Seniors join state thespian board, prepare for weekend retreat

Every year, the Michigan Thespian Society plans a weekend retreat for drama students to attend workshops, win scholarships, and talk to colleges.

The state board, which consists of a group of students from a variety of schools in Michigan, plans and organizes the event each year.

This year, four students, seniors Renee Mozal, Keaton Barbes, Thea Abbatoy, and Kaitlyn Kaczmarczyk, joined the state board and had a voice on many of the decisions made for the festival.

“This is a really great experience,” Mozal said. “I love being involved with a group of such dedicated people who love theatre as much as I do.”

With a long agenda of to-do items and little time to rehearse and plan, theatre students found it difficult to balance schoolwork on top of the preparations.

“All my college applications were due the same day as thespian applications,’’ senior Jacob Feeman said. “It was rough balancing all that. Now that those are out of the way, I look forward to a great time.”

While students prepare for scholarships and events such as duo scenes and group musical numbers, a group of alumni returned to help students further prepare. These scholarships range from musical theatre, dance, acting, film, or technical design.

“I want to help create the next generation of theatre artists,” alumnus Austin Meyers said. “Where better to share what I have learned than with my alma mater?”

With assistance from alumni, students are ready to show others their true colors and talents. With a total of twenty kids coming from Utica, the troupe feels they can truly represent.