Athletes support cancer patients, research

Wrestlers hold ‘Pin Down Cancer’ event to support alumna

Usually students aren’t very willing to attend a high school wrestling meet, but that didn’t seem to be the case Dec. 5. The wrestling team hosted its first “Pin down Cancer” meet. But something made this fundraiser different than all the others.

Last month, senior wrestler Tony Cole and his family received awful news. His older sister Annjenette, UHS alumna, was diagnosed with liver cancer.

“We were all terrified,” Cole said after hearing the news. “We didn’t know what to think; I just didn’t want to believe it.”

Upon hearing the news, coach Clinton Davis and the wrestling team started planning the event. The team had custom shirts made to promote the event. Posters were posted across the school and cardboard cutouts of the three captains were put in the cafeteria to support the event.

“It meant the world to us that coach Davis went out of his way to do this for my family and my sister,” Cole said. “It really shows how this team is like a family.”

The event not only raised a little over $2,000 through tickets and concessions, but the event seemed to get students genuinely excited about wrestling.

“I have never been to a wrestling meet before this one,” junior Luke Walters said. “It was really fun and I’m looking forward to coming to the next one.”

There were a lot of students who came to support the cause. Annjenette also attended the event and seemed very happy to see the community come together for her.

“It was awesome that so many people came,” senior Andrew Powerskin said. “It’s cool that so many people can come together like this in support of a few people.”