School Temperatures.

From freezing to sweating, wide range of temperatures cause ‘heated’ debate.

Walking into first hour, a student is instantly hit by a blast of cold air. He spends the class period shivering and trying to keep warm, but when he enters his next class, he finds himself peeling off layers to get comfortable in the heat.
Utica is an old building, so, obviously, not everything we have is up to date. Following the construction that ended last year, students were hopeful that the new heating and cooling system would even out the school’s temperatures. However, different temperatures are now constant complaints from students.
Teachers have to deal with the different temperatures on a daily basis. Teacher Taryn Larson has had many issues with her air conditioning in the past. In her room, temperatures vary depending on the time of year.
Not only are teachers the ones who have to deal with the various climates, but students, as well. A person can’t walk into class without hearing someone shout, “Why is it so cold in here?” Students are constantly complaining about freezing or sweltering hot rooms.
“I never wear a t-shirt to school; I always wear two layers,” junior Rachael Mooney said. “It’s easier to layer up.”
When the temperatures are constantly varying, it’s hard to determine how to dress for a certain class. Will third hour be cold again? Did they finally fix the air conditioning in sixth hour?
Whether someone wears a long-sleeve or a short-sleeve, they will still probably end up cold or warm. The only answer to these questions is to layer up.
Students have found that it is hard to concentrate in certain temperatures. Teachers have even noticed that this can affect a student’s ability to focus.
“When it was really hot in the beginning of the year it was difficult for students to pay attention,” Larson said. “When it’s colder they tend to pay more attention.”
A warm environment can lead to a roomful of tired students, while a rush of freezing air causes students to pay more attention because they’re shivering from being so cold. This can also be distracting because students can be more focused on getting their jackets then on the teacher.
It’s also startling when doors are left open throughout the school. The doors in the lunchroom that lead outside are constantly being opened during lunch periods. Students aren’t comforted by warmth as they eat, but rather the bitter cold air from the now upcoming winter season.
Rumor has it that this winter is supposed to be just as cold as last year’s. Temperatures reached below zero many times and yet we were still waking up in the morning for school.
With the temperatures starting to dip into the mid-20s, students are starting to dress warmer for the weather. As they layer up, people are walking from a cold room to a warm room. Throughout the day they are regularly taking off jackets or hoodies and then having to put them back on.
If doors are going to be left open and classroom temperatures cold, then the sound of students complaining will never die down. Students should not have to deal with this issue every day.