Students given free access to Microsoft 365

While many students heard they were going to receive new school e-mails, most didn’t realize the full scope of programs that Office 365 was about to give them.
Similar to Google Drive, students will be able to share documents with classmates and teachers. It gives students’ access to Office 365 programs such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
A new program called Naviance was also introduced to students. Naviance was included to help students apply to college and gain access to scholarship opportunities. Similar to Career Cruising, but more accurate, the program also helps pick colleges that best meet students’ interests.
“I’ve asked the students and they like the interface better,” career development facilitator Pat Wynn said. “They think all the information is in one spot. For me it’s just introducing a new program, but I’m happy the students like it.”
The benefits of using the e-mails are that it’s more convenient and makes communication easier between students, teachers, and administrators.
“I think they are a good idea,” teacher Kelly Bronski said. “It’ll make it easier for me to communicate with my students.”
While there are benefits to the new e-mails, some students do not think they are necessary.
“I think it’s stupid,” sophomore Jenna Mowry said. “I don’t think we should be forced to have an e-mail for school.”
Like many things that have been introduced this year, there will be an adjustment period for students. They’ll have to get used to checking their school e-mail more instead of Schoology, Classjump, or their personal e-mail.
The e-mails will be used for professional or educational purposes. Students will be using the e-mails for college applications and later in the work force.
“We’ve given you a professional e-mail,” Principal Tom Lietz said. “It’s not just an e-mail; it’s something to help you apply to college and scholarships.”
Students have been advised to watch what they do on their e-mails. They have been told to not use them for social media

purposes or anything else. Teachers and administrators are able to check students’ accounts and past activity if necessary.
“I think [the e-mails are] a smart idea,” junior Kristen Longtine said. “It gives us all a place to communicate with everybody in a professional atmosphere.”