AP environmental science encourages Earth Day activities

Earth Day comes every year, but AP Environmental Science students participated in projects to help the environment. Students in Brian Drobnich’s AP Environmental Science classes, that were not studying for the AP test, were assigned the task of creating a project to put into action that can help the environment.

“Through this project,” teacher Brian Drobnich said, “I expected each student to have the opportunity to make their own positive impact on the environment.”

APES students have been doing their projects throughout the month of April. Some projects have taken place in school, while others were outside of school or online, such as creating a Twitter account to reach a wider audience.

Other students worked to create immediate change. A group of students created a week dedicated to the Earth, with different events for each day.

“If we can get enough of the staff and students excited,” senior Thea Abbatoy said, “I think we may be able to give people more ideas on how to be more environmentally friendly every day.”

On Friday, April 24, teachers were asked to not turn on the lights in their classrooms and to not print any paper.

All the projects were helpful to the environment, even if in a small way, and they taught students that there are many ways that they can help the environment every day, even in school.