Will you go to prom with me?


Jillian Oberts & Andrew Konarzewski

As lively as prom may be, promposals are arguably the most talked about moment pretaining to this favored senior year event.

Prom is one of the important events to seniors, but being asked as a junior can be even more eventful. Junior Jillian Oberts was surprised after work with an unexpected promposal to Lutheran High North’s junior-senior prom on April 24.

“He picked me up from work, and after I wanted to show him my new long board.” Oberts said. “When we got to my house I took him to my room where it was and I was so distracted by how unexpectedly clean it was that I didn’t even notice the Christmas lights spelling out prom on my wall.”

Oberts’ room was tidied and decorated with a question that is both nerve wracking and overwhelming to ask, but Andrew Konarzewski pulled it off amazingly.

“I decided that day how I was going to ask her.” Konarzewski said. “I was excited and nervous just because I wanted it to be perfect. Afterwards, I was really happy everything went well.”

Promposals are moments that are filled with emotions: delight, excitement, apprehension, and more, but it is a moment many will talk about and remember.

“I was mostly laughing at the fact I paid more attention to my surprisingly clean room than the lights on my wall.” Oberts said. “But I was so happy he asked me.”

Jessica Moore & Brody Barnes

Prom takes place on June 4 and the closer the day gets, more students begin to find their dates.

Adding a personal touch when asking someone to prom will only make it more special. Senior Brody Barnes decided to do just that when finding a date for prom by asking for a little help from mutual friends.

“I found out [Jessica Moore] likes Swedish Fish, so I went and got a two pound bag of candy for her,” Barnes said. “I also made a poster for her that said ‘You’re the Swedish fish I know. Prom?’.”

For senior Moore, a personal invite was exactly what she received during her A lunch.

“I felt a little overwhelmed because the whole lunch room was watching me, but I was so happy when he asked me,” Moore said. “I kind of saw it coming, but at that moment it was a complete surprised.”

Asking someone can be a pretty emotional moment. From nerves, to excitement, to the anxiety it can get to someone, but it is best to stay calm.

“I tried to stay calm, and I didn’t get nervous until her friends started freaking out,” Barnes said. “But afterwards I was happy she said yes.”

Meredith Sorensen & Will Young

Get ready for all the attention. When a promposal happens, all eyes will be drawn towards you.

The moment can happen so quickly, the person being promposed to could be caught completely off guard and not realize what is happening at first.

“I had just taken a huge bite out of my sandwich, so I was a little embarrassed.” senior Meredith Sorensen said. “I was shocked when I realized it was for me, and I though it was so adorable.”

Whether a surprise or not, a promposal can happen at any moment. Sorensen was definitely shock, although senior Will Young is her boyfriend.

“I didn’t see it coming at all.” Sorensen said. “I told him he didn’t have to do anything special to ask me.”

Creating it to fit the person being asked makes it all the more extraordinary. For Sorensen, she enjoys the thought of recycling and using reusing products.

“I made a sign out of recycled material and bought flowers for her,” Young said. “I also asked some sophomores in SSP to help me.”

Despite how a person may feel or think about asking someone, it is a moment to remember.

“I was really excited to see the look on her face,” Young said. “I’m so happy it went the way it did.”