How to perfect your golf swing

How to perfect your golf swing

The most important thing about a golf swing depends on the person. To perfect your own golf swing, you need to figure out which part of the swing you are having trouble with.

Before you get a grip on the club and perform your swing, there are a things that you should know about the position of the golf ball before you take the swing. Before your swing happens, one of the most important things is how high your ball was teed before you took the swing. After a hit, whether or not it was a good hit or a bad one, you wouldn’t be thinking if your ball was teed well or not. Yes, the ball being teed well can help your outcome of a hit tremendously. Just as simple as tweaking the height of the tee and the golf ball can help you out a lot. There are 3 different levels for the tee to be, low tee, mid tee, and high tee. A low tee height is when the top edge of the ball is even with the top edge of the driver on the club, the crown of the club or the club head is above the ball. A mid tee is when half the ball is above the crown. High tee is when the golf ball is above the crown of the club.

The first thing you should do is make sure you have a good grip of the golf club before performing the golf swing. Make sure you are calm and proceed to grip the club in at a natural angle similar to the angle you would rest your arms naturally on your side. Make sure you bring your lead hand (left for right-handers, right for left-handers) to the club and hold it lightly with your thumb pointed down. You should still be able to see the knuckles of your index and middle fingers, then follow that by placing your other hand below your lead hand, bare in mind you must stay relaxed and neutral during this.

Then to strengthen your grip you must lock your hands, there are a couple different ways but the easiest/most popular way would be the vardon grip. By putting your pinkie finger of your bottom hand between the index and middle finger of the lead hand. After you feel comfortable with your grip, you can move to your stance.

“The golf stance is the most important,” senior Steven Smith said. “Without good balance, it won’t be a good hit.”

First, make sure you are aligned perfectly from the tee box to the pin. Feet shoulder width apart, with your weight balanced on the balls of your feet. Next, flex your knees a slight bend at the hips and make sure to keep your spine straight.

Next is the takeaway, facing the target with your knees flexed, you should have the ball midway between your front and back feet. Start to rotate your hips right, your hands and arms will follow.

Now it’s time for the moment of impact. Lead it with your hips and rotate them the other way as you impact. As your left arm is straight with a firm wrist, the ball will follow.

The key is to just relax and to keep practicing. There is no sure proof method to have an amazing golf swing each time. The entirety of the swing must be on point.

“I had one lesson in my whole life,” coach Tom Ignasiak said. “It was watching the video ‘Golf My Way with Jack Nicklaus.’ I’m wouldn’t tell anyone anything differently than what Jack Nicklaus tells them.”

While golfing, every aspect is important to the sport. Things like using one of the three heights for your golf tee and using the best one for you and your precision while aiming towards the pin. Many elements to the swing and how calm and relaxed you are.

“My favorite thing about golf,” senior Stephen Smith said, “would be practice and tournaments.”

However, the man who said practice makes perfect probably didn’t play much golf; golf is a sport where you can become very good, but it is impossible to master. With that being said with more practice and good fundamentals, you can shave a few strokes off of your game and impress your peers.