Senior Skip Day

Students add extra day to their holiday weekend

As seniors jotted down ideas for senior skip day, some teachers were deviously thinking of lesson plans that the students wouldn’t be able to make up. The highly anticipated day occurs in the last year of high school. Seniors make plans to ditch a boring day of school and head out with friends for a fun-filled day that leads into Memorial Day weekend.

Although seniors were excited about this day, not everyone approved of the event, including teachers and administration.

“It’s extremely disrespectful to teachers that spend time making lesson plans,” principal Thomas Leitz said, “and skipping is just extremely disrespectful.”

It might be true that it’s not a good choice to skip, but seniors look at it as a day to do something with friends for one last time before some head out to college, move out of state and start preparing on their future. Seniors all over the globe have a senior skip day; it’s become a popular event mostly in the U.S. and Canada.

This year, teens hit the beach, went to bonfires and hung out with friends. On the other hand, some teens caught up with sleep and Netflix. For many Utica seniors, plans were made to visit Cedar Point, the zoo and Stony Creek.

“We went to the zoo,” senior Estefany Hernandez said. “I was very excited to see the pandas.”

Along with senior skip day, students are looking forward to Memorial Day weekend. Barbecues were lit and pools were being filled, as everyone got ready for this holiday that celebrates our soldiers.

“It’s not just a long weekend,” Leitz said. “It’s a day to remember the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.”

Senioritis has officially set in and a long fun weekend sounded a lot more endearing than a boring day of school. However, tried to remember why we have this elongated weekend while eating a hot dog on the beach; thanks should be given to the brave that have tirelessly protected our country in the past and the present.

Regardless of beliefs of senior skip day, it seems as if it’s here to stay.