Seniors vs. Teachers: Is the senior project worth the time?


Whether the seniors enjoyed it or not, it is undeniable that all students have learned something from the senior project.

“Things don’t always come as easy to people as they do to me,” senior Sara Phlypo said. “That’s why we have to help others.”

There were many questions rising when students brought up the fairness of the hour requirement and the changes the project should have.

“I think it doesn’t matter as long as you have fun,” senior Alen Batres said. “Eight hours a quarter is not much.”

When it comes to the changes, however, the seniors were quick to offer some that they think might be helpful. “I’d make it more difficult,” senior Ashley Mauser said, “so it’s harder to fake hours.”

Overall, the students think that this is an experience that they will never forget. Some students even admitted that they will still volunteer even after the due date of the project.

“Of course,” senior Marc Galui said, “because I like the stuff I did, and I like helping people and being a part of something bigger.”


By making this project mandatory, teachers give students the opportunity to gain some skills while helping other people.

“People have so much to share,” teacher Linda Kammann said. “Sometimes stepping outside of your comfort zone is a good opportunity.”

The English teachers welcome any appropriate changes to the project, but they had stated the 24 hour requirement of this project was easy to complete with a student’s busy schedule.

“It’s more than fair,” teacher Christine Dabrowski said. “It’s so minimal. Many students did more than they were supposed to.”

If anything, there are some teachers and staff who think the hour requirement is too easy. “I think an average person should do 100 hours,” principal Thomas Lietz said. “It expands your mind and knowledge.”

The English teachers were asked if they did something similar to this in high school. “I think if I had, I think I would be a better person,” teacher Rick Farr said. “I would have had a broader knowledge on the world and understanding of other people.”