Offseason training underway for fall athletes

The school year is coming to an end, and spring seasons along with it. It’s about time for Utica’s annual summer conditioning camp, building off of previous success’ to get athletes in better shape and ready for their next season.

“The offseason is what makes or breaks an athlete. If you take a summer off, you might not have the kind of season you hoped for,” senior Dylan Demo said. “On the other hand, if you put in work all summer, you’re going to exceed everyone’s expectations.”


Like most football teams, the Chieftains are taking this summer to train for the fall. In these few months, the athletes are taking advantage of the time they have left.

All of the athletes will be participating in the mandatory summer conditioning camp and mini camps. Along with those, the players can attend voluntary individual college skill camps.

The team is also running 7 on 7 tournaments throughout the summer, mandatory for all skill position players. All of these are designed to improve the athletes and prepare them for a winning season.


Soccer is unique in the sense of offseason training. Every offseason, the boys’ soccer team gets to scrmmage other teams in the state to prepare for the fall. They are one of few sports that can play their sport full speed in the offseason, a big advantage.

Like most sports, soccer players attend the Utica summer conditioning camp. The team does a lot to make sure they are better prepared for the season, and that includes individualized college camps.

Travel soccer teams are also a very popular offseason activity for many of the Utica players. It gives the athletes a chance to play with players all around the state, an opportunity to learn from players that are better or more experienced.

Cross Country

The boys’ cross country team will start summer conditioning on Monday, June 5. Conditioning consists of three to five mile runs followed by stretches and strength training in the school’s weight room.

Training also includes meeting at Stoney Creek on weekends to run on hills to improve speed, strength, and endurance.

Along with conditioning, the team participates in a 5k run once every two weeks to monitor their progress throughout the summer.

“We have an excellent tradition of diligent training over the summer,” coach Megan Berry said. “Over 30 team members keep consistent online mileage logs in hopes to be fit enough for our week-long summer training camp in August.”

The team also travels to the town of Lakeside, Ohio for camp every summer.

“UXC camp includes running twice a day, and many fun activities when they aren’t running,” Berry said. “They come home from camp a closer team and well-oiled running machines.”