Community takes pledge to raise awareness for distracted driving


Due to numerous accidents that have happened in recent years, the community has decided to come together to raise awareness. Utica High is encouraging students and parents to take a pledge that promotes driving without distractions.

“I think the school should encourage students to sign the pledge and be safe with their driving,” senior Nicole Miller said.

The community has partnered with the Secretary of State to promote Distraction-Free Detroit. While the main focus of this campaign is to prevent future accidents caused by distracted driving, the school with the most pledges will win $2500.

“I think there are quite a few assemblies that we could bring in to use the money for,” teacher Kelly Bronski said. “Someone who has had experience with distracted driving would be helpful.”

Last week students and staff were able to gain enough votes to get Channel 7 to come to the school’s homecoming game. With the same support, administration hopes UHS can not only win the school some money, but also help put an end to distracted driving one pledge at a time.

All parents, students and staff are encouraged to take the quiz, in addition to the student pledge.