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Blogs: Messages from the Arrow staff

Throughout the duration of the state-mandated break from school, Arrow staff members will be posting updates on how they are dealing with and using their time off from school.

Parker Hopkins
Haley Grooms
Abby Jenkins
Dominic Lount
Cameron Smale
Anthony Barney
Charles Borus
Mackenzie Olmstead
Nur Awkal
Brooklynn Hathcock
Simmi Singh
Alexis Daniels
Allie Massey
Selina Rivera
Nina Andrianos
Ethan Smale
Alice Correj
Grace Leonardi
Vinnie Russo
Quinn Johnston
Wilhelmina Viviano
Davan Palmer
Piper Halbhuber

Jennifer Vaida

Jennifer Vaida, Online Reporter

         Thursday, March 26 Today was no more interesting than yesterday. I get straight to work after I wake up and don't finish working until it's dark out. I try to finish everything for that to the best of my abilities and if I have time I will do a little more so ill have less the next day. Michigan refuses to give us nicer weather despite everything else going on at the moment...

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