Allie Massey

Allie Massey

Tuesday, June 2- Thursday June 4, 2020

This whole week has been pretty uneventful. I worked on a lot of homework and wrapping things up because next week is the last week of school.

I’ve been keeping up on the Black Lives Matter protest and movement and I think that it is really cool and special that so many people are getting involved and trying to make a difference in the world.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

today I went kayaking and it was so nice. It’s was super sunny out and it was so fun.

Monday, May 25,2020

Today we went boating. It was super fun and it was a gorgeous day. It was super sunny, and there were a surprising number of people out. The water was freezing however and wasn’t two much fun to swim in. So, instead I just hung out on the deck and tanned.

Thursday, May 21,2020

I just did some homework today and some stretching for cheer. I also started to reorganize my closet cause I got bored. I really miss seeing my friends from school and talking to people besides my family.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Today I finished painting my bathroom and did some homework. I also worked on my jumps for cheer and did some stretching. I really am trying to improve

Friday, May 15,2020

today I had my AP world history test. It was hard to focus because my family was loud. And I started to paint my bathroom, which is taking longer than I thought it would.

Monday, May 11,2020

Today was a good day. I did some homework and started to rearrange my room again because I got bored. I did some more reading too. I current redecorating my bathroom and my bedroom. I’m trying to pick out what paint I want that the moment.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Today I worked on studying for the Ap test. It wasn’t very fun but I needed to do it. And I did some more homework and stretched a little bit. I also went to Target and got some random stuff because I was bored.

Monday, May 4, 2020

Today I did my best to be productive. I finished most of my homework for the week early so I don’t have to do it later. And I worked out a little bit and practice for cheer. I’m probably going to do something outside tomorrow and juts try to motivate myself to be more productive.

Friday, May 1, 2020

Today I’m catching up on any work I haven’t finished. I am also trying to get most of my notes for my Ap test out of the way by this weekend. Tumbling is hard to do with the mats you would have at a gym , but I’m trying my best.

Book of the Day: Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews.

This book took a different approach to the cancer story. Unlike The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, this book is so honest, and funny. It has some dry humor and stuff that is just down right hilarious. IT’s written from the perspective of Greg Gaines an awkward high school senior, who really doesn’t have any close friends. That’s when his mom makes him befriend his, sort of ex-girlfriend Rachel, who is diagnosed with leukemia.

Favorite quote from the book:

“This book probably makes it seem like I hate myself and everything I do. But that’s not totally true. I mostly just hate every person I’ve ever been. I’m actually fine with myself right now.”- I thought this was funny because the whole book is the main character, Greg Gaines, complaining and you start to think that they just hate their life but you just find out they are actually pretty good.

Tuesday, April 28,2020

Today I worked on my tumbling for cheer and did some homework. I’ve been having a hard time focusing while at home. I try to keep on a schedule but so far it hasn’t been working. But, my main focus is to study for the Ap test, and to have my notes ready for the test.

Book of the Day: The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon

Natasha is an straight forward, science loving, emigrant from Jamaica. And now her family is getting deported, she’s doing everything to stop this from happening, and today is their last day in the states. Daniel is a good student, wanna be poet, who believes in love at first sight. And that’s when he sees Natasha. So he convinces her to give him one day to get her to fall in love with him.

favorite quote from the book:

“People spend their whole lives looking for love. Poems and songs and entire novels are written about it. But how can you trust something that can end as suddenly as it begins?”- I thought this was a pretty stereotypical quote but I thought it showed the emotions of the characters very well.

Monday, April 27,2020

Today was a busy day, I had a lot of math homework and Ap studying to do. I’m excited that the Ap test this year is only 45 minutes long. But, the test is on my birthday so that kinda sucks. My birthday is May 15th which is when the quarantine is supposed to end. I really hope that it we are finished with the quarantine then because I really want to see my friends.

Book of the Day: Milk & Honey by Rupi Kaur

I love this book, it is a collection of poems. They talk about abuse, love, violence and femininity. Each chapter has a different purpose, and the book deals with the worst moments in life and the best moments of life.

Favorite quote from the book:

“I didn’t leave because I stopped loving you, I left because the longer I stayed the less I loved myself.”-I thought this perfectly describe the feeling a lot of people in a toxic relationship go through.

Friday, April 24, 2020

today was ok. I was inside all day, but my aunt just surprised me with a tumble track, to help me with cheer. So I’ve been practicing for cheer all day and for the past few days.

All of the school work is starting to catch up to me  and it’s hard to stay on top of all of it. I’ve been behind on math and other subjects but I’m going to try and stay on top of it for next week

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Today was ok. I just woke up and did some homework. I didn’t feel like doing anything else today, but I did a little bit of stretching and worked out for a little bit

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Today wasn’t the best day. I woke up with a migraine and I didn’t really feel like doing anything. I could barely eat or open my eyes, cause of how bad my migraine was. But, as the day progressed it got better and I ended up doing some homework and stuff.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Again another boring day. Nothing really happen I just had to do homework and try to understand what I am doing. And some more Netflix, and tv.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Day whatever of lock down. Everything is fine I guess just bored out of my mind. Nothing has happened and I don’t think anything is going to happen for a while. I just have to stay inside and do homework or read. There is tv and Netflix and stuff but that gets boring after a while. I really have nothing else to say so, I’ll just end it here.


Thursday, March 19, 2020

Day 4 of lock down was okay. I woke up late and honestly didn’t feel like doing homework so I didn’t do a lot of it. I played a little bit of the guitar today. Hopefully by the end of the “break” I’ll know a couple songs. I honestly don’t have a lot to talk about because nothing really happened today so I’ll just end this post short.

Book of the day: This is Where it Ends by Marieke Nijkamp. It’s a book about a school shooter. It has multiple point of views and you really get to see what different people think during a situation like that. It is a really good read and it isn’t a super long book either. The ending was honestly heart breaking to me though.

Favorite quote from the book: “You can’t always keep your loved ones with you. You can’t always settle your life in one place. The world was made to change. But as long as you cherish the memories and make new ones along on the way, no matter where you are, you’ll always be at home.”

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Day 3 of the lock down was fine. I of course did some more homework, I read, binged watch some Netflix, and some tik-toks. I have been feeling super upset just being in the house all day. I really just want to go out with my friends but I can’t even do that. It’s just annoying because we’re supposed to be enjoying our teenage years but we can’t even leave our rooms.

So i said yesterday that i was going to play the guitar today, but I didn’t. Instead I painted a pair of old jeans I had. It actually turned out really cute. So now I just want to paint all of my clothes but I will try to hold back. So that’s pretty much all for today.

Book of the Day: Turtle’s All the Way Down by John Green. It’s a story about a girl with a mental illness and how she’s struggling with that. And she also is trying to solve a murder case. The main character has obsessive compulsive disorder, and the book shows how it can affect daily life.

Favorite quote from the book: “One of the challenges with pain—physical or psychic—is that we can really only approach it through metaphor. It can’t be represented the way a table or a body can. In some ways pain is the opposite of language.”

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Day 2 of the “break” has gone a little bit better than the first day. It was another day of reading, homework, watching tv, and going on my phone. I did some stretching and did as much gymnastic as I could do in a room. I’m definitely missing going out and hanging out with friends right now.

I’ve decided that everyday I’m going to try something I usually don’t do. Today’s thing was drawing. I used to kinda draw a lot as a kid but I was never that good, and I usually didn’t have the time. But, today I did actually ok. I was genuinely surprised. Tomorrow’s thing is going to be guitar, since I used to play and have now forgotten everything I know.

My brothers and I have surprisingly gotten along. My little brother played xbox with my for a little bit and my older one helped me take a picture for this blog. And Later this week I have to help him take “90’s theme” pictures. So that should be interesting.

Book of the Day: One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus. Five high school students get detention. None of the knew each other really and one of the students mysteriously dies. The remaining four of them are now suspects in the case and are trying to figure out who really did it. The twist ending was the best part. If you have read a murder mystery or if you haven’t, I recommend this book.

Favorite quote from the book: “I guess we’re almost friends now, or as friendly as you can get when you’re not one hundred percent sure the other person isn’t framing you for murder,” – I honestly that it was funny that’s the only reason.

Monday, March 16, 2020

Today has probably been one of the most boring days in my whole life. My entire house is on lock down right now and I can’t leave. I was supposed to have a gymnastic class today, but they have been suspended until further notice. I was thinking that this break was going to be fun, but it’s the complete opposite. I thought that doing homework would help pass the time, but all of my assignments are just busy work and are easy to complete.

The only good thing about this break is I’ve been able to catch up on my reading, both for school and personal reading. I hadn’t had much time to read because of school, and it is nice to have a break. I decided to use this time to see if I would like online school, which I considered doing. And so far the answer is: I would be too bored to do online school and I like public school way better.

So to summarize, day 1 of this “break” has been boring and non-eventful. But, a good day for catching up on my reading and homework. So far writing this blog has been one of the highlights of the day.

Book of the Day: “Everything, Everything” by Nicola Yoon. The plot of the book is the main character Madeline Whittier has condition called Severe Combined Immunodeficiency, commonly known as “bubble baby disease,” which basically means she can’t leave her house. This reminded me of what  I’m going through; even though I don’t have the corona virus, I’m stuck in the house. I decided to see what this character did to pass time. Madeline ends up seeing her new neighbor Olly and they start communicating via email. The story is actually entertaining and I recommend it.

Favorite quote from the book: “I don’t know what I’m doing, only that I have to. Sometimes I wish I could go back to the way I was before, before I knew anything. But I can’t.” -page 169

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