Nina Andrianos

Tuesday, May 26

The countdown to the last day of school for seniors is only 3 days away. It’s hard to believe that we only have 3 full days left. I’m so excited to be done and move on to the next chapter of my life. However, I am upset that our senior year was cut so short. I wish we were still having a normal graduation but instead it will only be virtual. The only thing I’m really looking forward to now is My graduation party. It’s supposed to be June 20 and I’m hoping I still get to have it.

Wednesday, May 13

Today was a very fun and busy day. I woke up around 9 o’clock to get ready to take my cap and gown pictures. First, I stopped by my dance studio with the rest of the graduating seniors and we took pictures in front of the studio in our caps and gowns. We plan on hanging one of the pictures and giving them to our teachers as gifts. After the studio, a lady at Mae Stecker was taking pictures for all seniors. Large I went home and had to back to back zoom calls for dance team and took an online dance class. It was such a busy day, so I spent the rest of the night catching up on homework. It was good to see my friends and be more busy than normal today.

Monday, May 11

Today was like every other day. I woke up very early and tried to get all my school work done before 12:00 so I would have the rest of the day to do what I wanted. I also typed out my entire senior project and got that done since it is due tomorrow. For the college dance team I am on, we are reading a book together as a team. So I also spent the day reading the book and catching up. Nothing really exciting happened today, but I did get a lot done and felt very productive.

Wednesday, May 6

Today I woke up to a surprise outside. Since we are in a pandemic right now and we aren’t allowed to go anywhere, our teachers brought the senior class their caps and gowns to their houses. They made it a fun way for us. They came in a school bus and came out celebrating with us. They also left a senior sign outside our house. Besides that, I spent most of the day doing homework. My parents only let me see the same three people once in a while, so I also got to hang out with some friends later in the day. Everyday is the same and I’m just waiting for qurantine to be over.


Monday, May 4

Today I did a lot and got a lot of things done, I started the day by waking up and having a team sports zoom call. After that I got up had breakfast and went upstairs to finish my homework. I did two team sports assignments and my AP Euro notes. For the dance team I am on we have to read a book called, “You win in the locker room first.” So I started reading that and got through chapter 1. Later in the day, my mom and I decided to go for a walk. We walked for a hour and I got one of my workouts done for my team sports class. Then, I came home and had dinner and ended my night watching a movie with my family.

Wednesday, April 29

Today I slept in later then usual. It was raining and I didn’t have much to do so I just stayed in my room for most of the day. When I got up, after I got breakfast, I started doing homework which didn’t take long at all. Then, I had an online dance rehearsal on zoom. We keep practicing, but it looks like we won’t even be competing this year. Which is sad considering it’s my last season.  I spent a long time in my room after that and eventually came down stairs for dinner. Later, my sister, brother, and I went to Dairy Queen for ice cream. It was surprisingly super busy and the drive through line was really long. That is how I ended the day.

Monday, April 27

Today I decided to wake up earlier then usual and be very productive. I started the day by finishing all of my homework as soon as I woke up. Then later in the day I did chores around my house. I had to vacuum, clean my room, and do dishes. After all of that, my mom and I decided to make cookies. For some reason they didn’t look the best but they still tasted good. I’ve been trying to stay active more while we are stuck at home so, my mom and I also went on a pretty long bike ride. Also, next week I start my first online practices with the college dance team I’ll be on. So, I’m making sure to practice everyday  and be well prepared for the week ahead.

Friday, April 24

Today I slept in longer then usual. Then I continued to lay in bed for another hour. Once I finally got out of bed, it was around 2:00. I immediately started homework and got a lot done. For my team sports class, we are required to go do 3 outdoor exercises. So for 1 of mine, my mom and I decide to take the dog for a walk. I’m going to be honest, I haven’t been outside for at least a week. So we went for a hour long walk outside around my neighborhood.

Also, every Friday my family gets carry out from a local restaurant to help them out while we are in quarantine. This week, everyone in my family wanted something different. My dad ordered from Bad Brad’s, my mom and sister wanted Thai food, and my brother and I ordered from a small Mexican restaurant close to our house.

Thursday, April 23

I’ve lost count of how any days we have been locked at home. Today I woke up not feeling the best. Don’t worry it’s not what you think, I haven’t left my house is 4 weeks. I had a headache and didn’t feel like doing much. I had my first online Pre Calc lesson and after that I did homework. I spent hours doing math, English, and capstone.

Every Thursday, I have to join a zoom call with my dance studio. We spend about a hour and a half reviewing our dances and getting to talk with eachother. Since we are in the middle of our season, we have to keep up with training. However, no one knows if we will even get the chance to compete this year. It’s really upsetting, especially since I am a senior. All I want is to get to dance with my friends one last time, but as of right now it doesn’t look like that is going to happen.

Wednesday, April 22

Today was just like any other day in quarantine. I started my day doing homework and had to join in the zoom call for journalism at 1:00. After that I finished up more homework and it took me a little longer then expected. I also had my first zoom call with the new college dance team I am on. We got to introduce ourselves and “meet” each other. I wish it could’ve been in person but it sounds like we won’t be seeing each other for a while. I’ve heard rumors about the stay at home order being extended AGAIN. I wish everyone could just stay home. I’m ready for everything to go back to normal and life to go on.

Tuesday, April 21

As many people know, this week we started 4th quarter. It is confusing. I’ve spent so much time trying to figure out Schoology and how to turn in assignments. I discovered that I need to find a way to be super organized so I don’t miss and assignment or a zoom call. It’s a lot of getting used to and I would definitely rather be at school then at home.
Today I started my day by waking up at 9:00 to work out. I’ve been trying to do this everyday but some times I let myself sleep in. Next, I had my first Pre Calc meeting with Mrs. Hilliard. We discussed how everything was going to work and what we were going to do. It was good to see everyone again and I miss everyone. Right after that, I started to do homework. Later in the day, I cleaned my room and the basement for my mom. That’s how I spent my day in quarantine.

Monday, April 20

Today started the last quarter of high school for me. It’s strange to think that I will be spending it at home. I would much rather be spending it at school with all my friends. I hope I will still get to experience prom and graduation. However, we don’t know what’s going to happen.

Today I spent my day doing homework and trying to adjust to online school. I think the way we are running school is good and isn’t too much of a change. Along with school, I’ve been trying to go outside as much as possible and try to keep myself busy.

Thursday, April 16

This morning I decided I should get up early to and work out to start my day. I really liked it and it put me in a way better mood. For the rest of the day I did my homework and just sat around. I tried to be productive and clean my room but ended up saving that for tomorrow. It’s been nice to be home more with my family, usually everyone is so busy and I don’t get home until late at night. So I’ve been trying to spend more time with everyone. Later at night, my sister and I did a face mask together and hung out. Quarantine was good and first but now is just getting boring, and I’m ready for April to be over with.

Wednesday, April 15th

I have honestly started to lose count of how many days I have been in my house. I think this might be the third or fourth week but I don’t even  know anymore. All I know is that I would do anything to get out of my room and see all my friends. I even want to go back to school, which is something I never though I would say.

I’ve been really upset and down lately. I never pictured my senior year being like this. Before, I couldn’t wait to be done with high school and move on but now I wish I could go back and relive the past 3 years. I had no idea that March 13th, would be my last day of high school ever. I remember saying bye to everyone but didn’t know I wouldn’t get to go back to school with them anymore.

Tuesday, April 14th

Today was another boring day in quarantine. I woke up early and did a workout and then spent the afternoon doing homework. Before this, I always wanted to do online school but actually doing it makes me miss school and seeing my friends everyday. I never knew my last day of high school would be so soon.

Monday, April 13th

Senior spring break was not what I thought it was going to be. This past week I was supposed to be in Panama City, Florida on the beach but instead I’m stuck at home and could not leave my house. I didn’t do much this “spring break” but I did get to spend lots of time with family. Easter was also not the same. We spent the day at home and I didn’t get dressed up or go to church like we normally do. I never imagined my senior year being like this.

Wednesday, April 1

Today I was very productive. I spent most of my day finishing a huge English essay and catching up on homework. I also took my dog for a walk and took some online dance classes at home.

Tuesday, March 31

Today I woke up really late and had to work on a 8-paragraph essay. It took up most of my day, but later my mom, brother, and I went to deliver some food to my cousins. We didn’t get to go inside but we had nothing else to do.

Monday, March 30

This weekend I didn’t do much. I’ve been watching a lot of movies with family and tonight I think we are going to play some games together. It’s really fun and I dont usually get to see my family this much when life is normal. Also, they extended the lockdown until the end of April. I’m starting to think we might not go back to school. But we will see what happens.

Friday, March 27

We made it to the end of week 2 and it feels like everyday I get more bored. I’m trying to find a good show or movies to watch on Netflix to keep me busy but am not finding anything. I’m starting to think they might extend the time we are out of school, but we will have to wait and see.

Thursday, March 26

Today I didn’t do much again. I got a lot of homework done and realized I have an essay due next week. So, I wrote a lot of it today. I also took online dance classes which was fun. Two of my competitions got canceled, so I won’t be dancing for a while.

Wednesday, March 25

Today I didn’t do much. My mom was home all day so we spent the day together. She helped me with more college stuff and we went on a walk.

Tuesday,March 24

Today I did nothing…again. I slept in really late and finished up some college things. As much as I love sleeping in and not having much to do, I’m starting to want to go back to normal life. Everyday is the same and it’s starting to get boring.

Monday, March 23

I woke up this morning to hear that we are going on lockdown for three weeks. I’m really upset and don’t know how much longer I can do this. I’m running out of things to do. One of my best friends baked me cookies today and dropped them off at my house before we go into lockdown, so that made my day better.

Friday, March 20

Im starting to not be able to find anything else to do during this break. My parents are starting to not let me see any of my friends. I spent today cleaning the house with my mom and watching ALOT of movies.

Thursday, March 19

Today I sat at home and invited friends over to do homework with me.


Wednesday, March 18

Today I went to my friends house to catch up on homework instead of sit inside all day. 


Tuesday, March 17

At first I was happy to have a little time off of school, but it’s been 3 day’s and I’m so bored and have done nothing all day. Hopefully I can find something to do besides homework.

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