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Wednesday, May 20

Wednesday was pretty boring. Since all my stuff was taken away I didn’t have much fun. I was bored all day and could do pretty much nothing.

The only thing I really did was go to work and stay there for a couple hours. It’s good to have a job but I cant really use anything so its kinda tough right now to be honest.

Other than that I’ve done pretty much nothing and I cant do anything. On Friday we are going on the boat though, so that will be fun. That’s pretty much it, peace.


Monday, May 18

I lost a lot of friends today. People that weren’t very good to me ever so I’m glad they’re finally out of my life. I was sad for about 10 minutes before I realized how good this was for me. I’m not holding on whatsoever and I regret nothing.

So my childhood friends thought it would be a cool idea to steal a ton of my stuff, and get me in trouble at home. This doesn’t matter to me anymore though because I don’t have to talk to them ever again, something I have wanted for a long time.

Other than that I have lots of friends that look out for me and are willing to help me cheer up no matter what (thank you to all those people)! Hopefully tomorrow gets better, Peace.


Wednesday, May 14

I woke up at around 10 am today. I ate some breakfast and then got onto my computer. I played this game called ROBLOX. Me and my friends have been playing ROBLOX a lot lately.

It has brought our friend group much closer together. I am actually profiting off of a development project we made!

Later in the day my dad came into my room and yelled at me to get off my computer and hang up with my friends. He took me to Walmart–don’t worry we social distanced haha, and I sat in the car. I called all of my friends when I was sitting in the car, but then my dad came back and yelled at me.

When I got home I had to be quiet because my big bro was taking his AP exam. I also had a lot of homework to catch up on today. I also went to work today. I work at a gas station, and I really am enjoying my time in this position.

Overall my day was a solid 7/10! Hope you enjoyed my day today, Peace.


Monday, May 11

So I got a job over the weekend. It’s pretty easy and I don’t dread going there by any means. I get paid well and I like my boss so far. I’m excited to get that big boy money.

So I work at a gas station. All I do is stack shelves and clean up all day. It doesn’t strain me at all compared to what my dad always makes me do, so I’m not gonna complain. With my dad I don’t get any pay either, so it’s less work for more money, and that is something I will happily get used to.

Other than that life is still the same. I saw more cars out than usual so that interesting. I predict that gas prices will go up in the next few days. Buy your gas now people, you heard it hear first. Peace.


Wednesday, May 6

Today sucked, I was yelled at the entire day and I felt like crap through its entirety. I don’t know what else to do, but sit and wait for this whole quarantine thing to be over. That’s all I want right now.

I started facetiming my one friend every day at like 3 am now. We’re getting pretty close and she’s pretty chill. But I’m getting so tired now it’s kind of funny. But I don’t mind, because I get to enjoy myself over I want.

Other than that I’ve been playing games and getting yelled at. Along with going outside a little bit. All in all a crappy day, hopefully the next one gets better for me, peace.


Monday, May 4

Today I had to catch up on a lot of missing work, so that wasn’t very fun. I hated every moment of it and wanted to die the entire time. This is gonna slow me down for the rest of the week, and make me behind on everything.

I went outside for a little bit. It was nice out so you know I had to for a little bit.  I played some games and had a good time. It got worse out as the day went on, so I’m glad I could go out well it was nice.

Other than that its the same as every other day. Playing games and sleeping. So that’s all for now I guess, so long for now, peace.


Friday, April 30

I got grounded from everything because I didn’t do a bunch of assignments this week. My mom asked me specifically about things that came through in Remind, and I told her I did them so I could keep playing games with my friends online. (Yeah, I didn’t do them.) Now I have a huge list of things that I need to complete, and I can only use my computer at the kitchen table.

It’s really nice outside, though, so I’m hoping that I can get enough done to take a break soon. One of my friends is up here and I think we’re going to go on a bike ride–staying 6 feet apart, of course.

As you can see my life’s turning into a complete mess, and I just have to sit here and let it fall apart. Hopefully it gets better soon. If it doesn’t, I don’t even know what I’m gonna do. I’ll update on Monday, wish me luck, Peace.

Monday, April 28

Alright so basically I don’t understand the point of this anymore, I do the same thing everyday. I can’t comprehend why anyone would think it’s an interesting concept to read about a quarantine blog.

We literally do the same thing everyday because that’s what we’re supposed to do. That’s why these blogs look almost the same, and I seem like the most boring person in the world. Sorry about that.

My friends did come up north this week. I got to see them and we went on a few bike rides together, so that was fun. I would’ve gone insane if I didn’t see anyone but my family. I need more people in my life, and can’t go on without being able to see new people.

Other than that the weekend was exactly the same. I got yelled at by my parents, I played video games, and i ate a ton of food. Hopefully something new come along, see you next time. Peace.


Wednesday, April 22

We got a new schedule for school at the start of this week and I like it a lot better. It gives us a chance to handle the work load, as well as tells the teachers “Hey! Chill out!”

Basically we get alternating days now, where 2 days will go to our 1st-3rd hours, 2 days will go to 4th-6th, and the last day will go to our counseling to make sure we’re all okay.

The counselor day is very important I think. A lot of people are probably not doing well through this, and going through some mental issues. It’s good to know that the district is still showing that they care about those students, and are willing to help them out, even when they can’t see them in person.

Other than that my days have been alright until I got grounded today. I made a big mistake and mom if you read this, I’m sorry! This week hasn’t been bad but it will most likely turn bad now, because i made a dumb mistake. I’ll let you know how my week goes next time. See you later boys and girls, peace.


Monday, April 20

I didn’t go to sleep last night. It wasn’t to play games or anything, I just couldn’t. I was thinking about life and every time I tried to go to bed I just thought more, which kept me up all night. I didn’t care all that much to be honest, I hate waking up in the morning because I feel awful all day, so this will help with that. Also I get a jump start on my homework.

I started all of my homework at 6:00 A.M. This is fine by me, because now I’ll get to enjoy the rest of my day without having to worry about doing homework, and I’ll get some more time to myself. I like being alone like this, my thoughts are able to roam free in my mind, with no distractions from the outside world. I’m in a quarantine within a quarantine.

The quiet is nice, and the only noise I can hear is my fan in my room. It actually pretty loud, but I like it, because it drowns out other noise that may or may not be there. That really makes me wonder, if there’s always weird sounds we’ve never heard before, but it’s just so quiet, or so drowned out by other noises that we’ll never be able to hear it. I guess we’ll never know. Some things are always going to be left unknown.

Sorry if it sounds like I’m going insane here, I’m just alone with my thoughts, and it’s cool to be able to think about every tiny detail going on in your head. I cant do that with other people around me constantly asking me to do stuff or talking with me about something. But that’s all I’ve got for today I guess. Peace ladies and gentlemen.


Friday, April 17

My mom woke me up again because I didn’t finish all of my homework from yesterday. I was screamed at my entire morning for missing a zoom meeting because in my opinion it was way too early for me to wake up for. There was an alarm set for me and everything but I guess my body just refused to get up for it.

So with a rocky start to the day, it could get better right? WRONG. My parents took all of my electronics away and I can only use them for school purposes. So if any of my friends are reading this for whatever reason, send help. I have nothing to do and they said they don’t know when I’m going to get my stuff back.

This is just cruel in my opinion because during quarantine what else could i do. Literally that’s the only thing anyone can do right now, they even took away my ability to watch TV. So I guess I’m just going to curl up into a ball and die. I need sleep anyways so this could potentially benefit me long term, but short term this really is a bite in the butt.

I was going to ask my parents if I could buy my favorite youtubers merch today because it just came out. Bad timing huh? Either way I’m going to try and find away. It looks so sick and I’m determined to get it. Other than that this weekends going to be the worst of my life. Wish me luck soldiers, I’ll see you on Monday.


Thursday, April 16

The health of my body is getting worse as the days progress. My parents keep waking me up early and I’m not getting enough sleep. I’ve told my parents multiple times that I’m getting headaches that last the entire day every single day from it, but they don’t listen, because they never do, and they wake me up early instead.

So headaches have been ruining a portion of my day for the past month. I’m getting used to the headaches, but it’s making my brain feel fried. Good sleep doesn’t exist around here, and in my opinion that makes life miserable. I’ll probably pass out or something if I don’t get a good sleep soon.

I started watching new TV shows like I said I would yesterday. “Letterkenny” was a good show that I watched. It was about these people that live in a rural area, and they do a bunch of funny stuff that’s cliche for Canadians to do. This is because the place is in Canada, and I really enjoy seeing it because I find it pretty funny.

Other than that life has been pretty much the same from every other day. I play video games and talk to friends, which is fun for awhile. I just wish I could see them in person, but I cant. This is hard for me and I really hope that this thing ends ASAP. Peace.


Wednesday, April 15

Today was relatively chill compared to other days.  I wasn’t focused on school work a lot, but that’s just because spring break just happened. I’m slowly getting back into it but it’s hard.

I talked to my friend most of the day and that was pretty fun. We played games as usual and just enjoyed this distancing as best as we could. I always enjoy talking to them no matter what the circumstances are.

Another thing I enjoyed today was playing with my dog. I love him so much and one positive thing about corona is that I get to see him all day now. It’s pretty much impossible to get sick of seeing your dog at least in my opinion.

I’ve been trying to get into a lot of new shows that I would normally watch because I’m getting bored of my routine. I’ll come back tomorrow with some show ideas for you guys. For now I’ll see you soon, Peace.


Tuesday, April 14

Today started even worse than my break. I was woken up by my mother after staying up late last night at 8:30 in the morning to her yelling at me for not finishing my blog. This was because I was so tired when I was doing it that I fell asleep. So I had to write that, along with another story, which gave me a huge headache. As soon as I finished I went right back to sleep.

When I woke up for the second time, the headache was still there, and continued with me throughout the rest of the day, until about 6 PM. This made my day some what ruined, but I always find a way to make things positive.

I talked to a lot of my friends to get me less stressed, and they all helped me have some fun for the rest of the day. The weather wasn’t too good, so I got to play games all day, which was a nice change of pace. And the best part of all of it was the Easter candy I had.

I ate a ton of candy that I got from Easter today, until the point of my stomach feeling sick. It was a great time and I don’t regret a second of it. My day could have been better, but it certainly wasn’t the worst. That’s all folks. Peace.


Monday, April 13

Spring break was pretty awful. I worked for my parents the whole time and it was by far my worst one yet. Usually we have something fun planned, but there was nothing do to because we couldn’t go out to do it.

I had to do a ridiculous amount of work every day for my parents. They had me moving logs the entire time and I cut my hands a lot through out the break. There was no point during the day where I had any bit of fun, unless it was a rainy day, which made us stay inside the whole time.

On rainy days, I played games with all my friends for hours. Tons of games have Easter themes which give you free stuff, so I played a variety of games. I played games ranging from childhood games, to games that I had never played before. That was cool because it gave me an opportunity to find a lot of new interests, which I’ll be able to use for while now.

My spring break was one of the worst experiences of my life, and I don’t know how I would react if this happened again. I have a feeling everyone is going to go insane, because they have to talk to only the same people, for so long. That’s all for now, peace.


Tuesday, April 1

My  parents have officially gone insane. They are being ridiculously strict about everything. I’m getting yelled at for the littlest things, and doing work around the house non stop the entire day.

I am really starting to hate this because they are taking away my strategy of avoiding boredom, by making me bored. I wish they understood how I felt about all of this, and more importantly, cared about what I had to say if I did tell them. It’s fine though, because I can’t do anything to prevent them from treating me like this, so I might as well just deal with it.

But today sucks, because I can’t play games much at all, or talk to any of my friends. Its miserable and I cannot wait for it to be over.

I helped put up a beam tho. We are working on a room in our cabin, and we used some machine to cut the pieces off of the wood. We are installing a fan, and after a lot of work on that room its going to be done soon.

That is going to be my room, so I am a little excited that it is going to be done fairly quickly. It look pretty cool. Its covered in natural looking wood, and its bigger than my room at home.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better, but I have to deal with today. I’ll be back tomorrow boys, see ya!


Monday, March 30

I’m starting to lose my work ethic. I haven’t been in school for so long, and it’s not entirely motivating knowing that we most likely won’t have school for the rest of the year. I’m having fun though. Surprisingly enough quarantine isn’t the most boring thing in the world.

I’ve stuck to my game plan of just playing video games with my friends. This helps me talk to my friends more (to keep me sane), and have fun while doing so. It’s of course not the same as hanging out with them in person, but it will do for now.

Other than that my parents are being really big meanie heads to me. I feel like they have lost just about all respect for me, and I don’t even know why. I’m being treaty unfairly and I don’t like it.

My parents are making me do way to much work when I already have tons of homework to do, and I want to be able to have fun before I go insane. They have to understand that I need fun during this time or I can’t take this quarantine. Living like this with only being able to communicate with them is hard when they aren’t going to be nice to me.

Either way I have to get through it. It’s going to be hard but I believe that my parents can turn around, and maybe treat me a little bit better than they have recently, because I’m getting sick of it, and I don’t want to blow up on them all at once and get in trouble because they cause emotions inside of me. Peace.


Wednesday, March 25

My parents decided that this was going to be an outdoor day, because we were playing too many games the whole quarantine. This was a good thing to hear because I was getting kind of sick of games, but I had no idea how bad it could get.

My dad had us go outside all day and do work for him, so it wasn’t a relaxing outdoor day like he said. Instead it was work and sweat the entire time until the sun went down, which is where I could finally have fun.

I went outside to our campfire for a little bit and we just listened to music the whole time. I talked to my brother that whole time and drank pop. That was fun, but it was getting so cold and I had to go inside.

I finally finished off my night by playing games with my friends till about 3 in the morning and finally went to bed. Overall the day was miserable until the last couple of hours.


Monday, March 23

The weekend didn’t go exactly to plan. I didn’t build the fort I told myself I would build, and although I could tell myself that stuff got in the way, it was just pure laziness.

I’m not saying that the laziness was bad, because I did have a great time. I played video games all day and got to talk to a ton of friends. So much so that I even ended up reconnecting with some friends I’ve slowly distanced from because of them going to a different school than me.

I talked to around six friends that I wasn’t close with at the start of this break, and ended up being close with them again. I know all about their lives, which is cool because most of them were childhood friends that I’ve known since kindergarten.

I continued to play the same games I’ve been playing, which recently is childhood games. I don’t know why, but this break is kicking my mind into nostalgic mode. I just have an impulse to do all the things I’ve done as a child. I think it’s a very good thing.


Friday, March 20

Alright I’m going to be real with u chief, as interesting as my life may seem, this is getting way too boring for me. I feel like I’m doing the same things every day over and over and the things that I normally love are sickening to me. I have no idea what to do.

Tomorrow I think I’m going to try to do something I haven’t done yet. I don’t know what, when, or how, but I know I’m going to do something. For now I’m going to think about it and hopefully come up with something neat.

So I’ve got this idea of building a blanket fort in our room up north. Keep in mind that the room is fairly small and cozy, and I know most would see this as a weakness. I see it as a strength.

My idea is to use the size of the room to my advantage my lengthening the blankets to each wall in the room. Essentially I will have the entire room ,from wall to shining wall, covered in blankets. The floor will be covered with pillows allowing maximum comfort in the fort.

This idea has me excited for tomorrow, but I know I have to wait. More updates to come on the fort and my life soon, peace boys.


Thursday, March 19

WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED. My brother slammed my head onto his keyboard back today. I’m in a lot of pain right now, even though I know this is because I did it to him first. This will hopefully make us even.

Now that he did that, I think we will be even, and a new found respect will blossom from this. I am ready to be friendly with him again, and hopefully he is too. Wish me luck boys.

So I just talked to him and he seems fine with me, in which case the feeling is mutual. Both of us bruised each other up pretty good, and we now find it comedic rather than infuriating. I have a feeling pain will be an important part of our new friendship, which is fine by me.

We’ve now been playing games with each other for a couple of hours and really bonding with each other. I think we finally fully understand each other and will have fun with each other the rest of this dreadful break.

Other than us hanging out, nothing too interesting has happened to me. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have something more interesting to have people check on. Until then I’ll see you later. Deuces.


Wednesday, March 18

Third day in I kind of feel a little crazy. I realized spending this much time with my brother makes me uncomfortable because it’s only him I get to see and seeing him this much is too much for me.

I have decided I hate him temporarily, though. If this goes on for too long I think I might hit him. He’s really  been getting under my skin and it’s time to set things straight.

He slapped the back of my head as we speak. I’m seriously sick of dealing with all this. I’m going to grab his head and bash it on my keyboard: here it goes.

lufyulgesbrgevtr8tvb v8875b ;yi;by9t7 9t;o ustrnt rjo; jhu; kuglif;, rekcu

That felt good. I’m finally feeling better about this whole situation. I’m not annoyed by him anymore, and I think our friendship will be renewed again because of this situation.

He’s still mad at me but I think I can make things better with him. More things to come tomorrow. I’ll tell you all about how I make things better tomorrow, but for now I have some thinking to do. Peace.


Tuesday, March 17

The second day was definitely better than the first day. My parents let us work on homework in our bedrooms, and it was a lot more comfortable for me.

My brother and I have been having a lot of fun together lately, too. It reminds me of when we were younger and would hang out with just each other all the time, and I’m enjoying that more than I thought I would. I guess nostalgia has to do with that.

We’re playing a lot of old games together that we used to play when we were both in elementary school. Since we aren’t supposed to go outside, it’s all we can do and, for me at least, I can’t complain. The time spent with my brother has been really fun, and we haven’t been fighting with each other at all.

Other than that, since we went up north during the virus, the stores still have quite a few things in them. We went to the store today and yesterday and bought tons of food… so much so that our shelves are overflowing with the snacks I love to eat all the time.

My dad yelled at me for eating so much, though. Even though we’re supposed to be rationing the stuff we eat, it’s hard not to give in a little bit, and eat some of those snacks. I plan on eating tons more as the days go by, hopefully without getting yelled at.


Monday, March 16

I’m currently sitting at my kitchen table, doing a ton of homework because my parents want to treat what should have been a nice stress relieving three week break, into a home infested with homework. This place is now essentially my version of hell. If you are reading this I need help, and I would rather go back to school then go day to day treating my own home like a school.

I can guarantee that no student in the entire district is being forced to do this much work against their will. My father just told me, “There’s certain situations in school that make you more stressed than others; we need to create those same stressful situations here.” MY OWN FATHER is telling me that he is going to PURPOSELY make me stressed out. He thinks he’s funny, but he’s not.

This whole situation is clearly messed up and I will do just about anything to get out of this horrible nightmare my own parents are causing for me. When this break is over and we get back to school, I have full intentions of writing a story on how insane my parents are about certain things, sometimes just to make me and my older brother’s lives more difficult, or annoying.

Right now they are laughing at me because I told them all my friends are playing games right now, but either way, that doesn’t change the fact that I am here now. I am suffering. I need help and now realize that this is going to be the worst three weeks of my life.

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