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Thursday, March 26, 2020

The Corona situation is getting crazier and crazier as days go on. Instead of rationally thinking about steps, everyone is just kind of in a panic. If you thought toilet paper was bad, go check out the food aisle. People are panic buying more and more, out of paranoia. It’s almost as if some view this as some sort of apocalypse.

In any case, I believe it is being blown way out of proportion. Yes, it’s a bad disease. Yes, it should be contained. But you aren’t going to contain anything by buying 46 crates of toilet paper.

Panic buying won’t help the situation. In fact, panicking in general won’t help the situation.

That’s my thoughts for the day, I guess.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Instead of just stacking books, I’ve decided to read a few. Honestly I have nothing better to do, so why not shift through an enormous pile of books and find one I like. It took a while, and at first I really couldn’t find any books that even peaked my interest in the slightest. So, I kept looking. It took a bit, but I finally found a book worth while.

Well..that’s what I thought, anyway. The book I decided to read was a murder mystery, One Of Us Is Lying, but I ended up getting bored and not finishing it. It’s really tough. I thought I could finish it, but guess not.

Maybe books just aren’t my thing.

So, I went back to video games. I’ve been playing a lot of Doom Eternal recently, it is a very fun FPS (first person shooter) that really helps pass the time during this chaos. Other than that, I haven’t done much.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Oh boy…here we go. The boredom has overcome me. There is literally nothing I can do. So.. desperate times call for desperate measures. You may be wondering what that means, well..let me explain.

I have found a new hobby. Stacking books.

Yes. I sit there and stack books. Literally. That’s all I do. I organize and stack books..that’s pretty much it. I don’t know why I find it fun, I just do find it fun. Probably because I have to be super quiet in the day, so that’s pretty neat.

There’s really nothing much I can do.

I think I’m going a little insane..

Monday, March 23, 2020

So. Everything is super hectic around the world I guess. It leaves me with a lot of questions. Since we’re in ‘lockdown’ mode and stuff, it really makes me question how far this will really go. This pandemic is already quite the chaotic thing.

On the other hand, everyone in my family is home now and it’s pretty crazy. Three out of four of us have to do work/college, so everyone is sitting at the table in the kitchen and basically all day is quiet hours.

Other than that, there is not anything else going on today, I hope something more happens this week..I’m starting to get bored.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Today was way more eventful than I had anticipated it would be. We had to rush up to my sister’s college and help her move out very last minute because apparently they’re shutting down campus. Yeesh, it was stressful and not fun. I’m super tired. It took up most of the day so I didn’t get anything else done.

I just wanted to chill today, but I guess I had other stuff to do. Tomorrow I will be finishing up any homework I didn’t do this week so next week is free of stress and back on track.

As soon as I’m finished updating this blog I’m probably just going to pass out, because I’m super tired.

Sorry this update is so short, I can’t exactly think properly after rushing to get my sister’s stuff home.

Thanks, Corona.

Friday, March 20, 2020

Fifth day of this crazy thing! And actually, I am feeling pretty good! Things have been pretty chill in my house, and nothing too bad has happened.

A new game came out today, and so far, I am loving it! It’s called Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It’s basically a town simulator where you collect things, decorate your town, and talk to the villagers. It’s very relaxing during this hectic time and I am investing all of my free time into it. I definitely didn’t stay up to wait for the 12:00 AM release, haha..

In other news, I am such a terrible procrastinator. I need to get my work done! Everything is just so distracting and much, MUCH more interesting than homework, it seems. It’s not my fault everything is just so more appealing, like hmm…even watching paint dry would be much more interesting!

Thursday, March 19, 2020

So, it’s the fourth day. It already feels like school has just disappeared. Even with all the homework, I feel like it’s summer. I’m still super tired, but not much will change anyway.

So…today I lost all self control, and threw all of my academic work out the window. Instead, I’ve decided to beat a video game that I’ve been meaning to beat, but never got the chance. I can always do my work later anyways, meh.

ASL has been going along smoothly too, I know a few sentences and other small tidbits of information. Possibly swear words, I’ll never tell!

So, the game I’ve decided to beat today is called Resident Evil 2. It’s kind of funny because it’s about a virus that got loose, turning people into zombie like things. I think it fits the atmosphere at the moment really well, so that’s why I decided to play it! I’m already almost finished with the game and I plan to finish it by today or early in the morning tomorrow, because I have no self control!

Who needs self control anyway? Not me!

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Wow, it’s only the third official day of this break thing and I am already exhausted. I’ve been doing work all day today, and honestly, it’s extremely tiring.

I love doing work as much as the next guy, but after a while it gets boring. Other than that, I’ve been focused on video games and ASL. I have actually found a virtual reality world specializing in ASL, which is amazing. It is so cool to see people communicating this way! ASL is pretty easy to learn as well, especially for visual learners like me.

So I’ve been spending a biiiit more time practicing ASL and not doing homework. Oops? It’s just way more interesting to me! I will definitely try to schedule out more time for homework, but for now I’m still a little all over the place.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

I have decided to actually do something instead of just sit down and sleep through this entire break. I started thinking about what I could do, and I came up with something. During this break, I am going to try and learn American Sign Language, or ASL. I think it will be challenging, but that’s what is fun about it. Learning something new during this will be a step in the right direction.

ASL seems challenging, but it’s actually quite simple. There are many signs you have to learn, obviously, but once you learn the basics it gets easier. The reason I wanted to learn this is because I am not in any language classes, but I’m still interested in the field.

Other than that, I’ve still been playing video games and doing homework. I already missed three assignments due on March 13, so that’s just great…

This break is definitely not fun.


Monday, March 16, 2020

Everyone around me has been freaking out about this whole corona situation. Personally, I haven’t.

What exactly have I been doing then? Good question. I’ve been sleeping and playing games. Somehow, in two days, I have managed to go back to my summer schedule. Stay up until 8:00a.m., and sleep until 1:00p.m…

Of course, this probably isn’t exactly a good thing. I’ve been doing my school work around 2a.m., and I easily get distracted. I’ve noticed there are quite a few video games I haven’t gotten to finishing yet, and this three week break just so happens to be the perfect time to play every last one.

My mother definitely is not happy with this schedule. But, I can’t help it. The video games are just too enticing. I’ll figure out a better time to do my work, hopefully.

My pets are also super happy with this situation. Instead of being sad and lonely all day when I go to school, my cat and dog now cuddle and chill with me while I play video games.

I’m planning to do most of my work before the 20th, because a new video game comes out, and I am definitely not missing it for school work. Sorry, school.

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