Apple releases new generation

The release of a new Apple iPhone is most often met with anticipation by those wanting the newest technology, or dread, from those who know it’s all anyone will be talking about.

On Sept. 9, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus became available to the public. Although the phone is the same size, it comes with new features inside.

“I love the new color on my 6s,” senior Angela Evanoff said. “Also the new 3D touch is really cool because you can peak in and out of apps.”

Along with the new colors, Apple added moving wallpapers to the new phones. To prevent issues that arose with the iPhone 6 model, Apple constructed the 6s with the same aluminum they used to make the Apple Watch. The aluminum will aid the phone in permanently retaining its natural shape and not bending at all.

“I’d say I’m lucky my iPhone never bent,” sophomore Julia Aquino said. “The new material used on the 6s was a pretty smart idea. Now no one will have to worry about putting their phone in their pocket.”

As with every new iPhone, the camera has been updated. As the user takes a picture, the camera takes a short video of the background to better capture every picture taken.

“I’m really excited for the new camera,” senior Hailee Walmsley said. “I’m always taking pictures of everything.”

Finally, the newest and most significant feature is 3D touch. Using a combination of new display hardware and smart software, Apple’s new iPhone can recognize three levels of pressure. This allows the user to preform different action based on the amount of pressure applied with a tap. For example, press lightly on a tap target in an app to peek into whatever it leads to. Press harder and the app will pop open a new screen. Swiping left and right will lead to previous apps to add convenience for the user.

“I think 3D touch looks really cool,” senior Justin Nelson said. “I can’t wait to get one so I can try it myself.”

The iPhone is a revolutionary item that has swept the nation since 2008 when the original iPhone was released. The success Apple has had is no fluke, and the new phones won’t disappoint.

“I feel like iPhones are very sophisticated,” senior Esmeralda Ferrara said. “I like the way they look and the features the iPhone 6s has, like the new camera and the amount of apps available compared to Android.”