Recently acquired cheiftains

Students, returning staff welcome new teachers

Being the new guy in the room is not always easy. In the classroom, however, students and other faculty members do their very best to welcome new teachers.With education budget cuts at an all time high, teacher movement is not such an un-ordinary occurrence.

“There were late August changes due to layoffs,” principal Thomas Lietz said. “Mr. Hart didn’t know he was going to be here until the day before school started.”

Although new teachers may have been in an awkward position the first day, the newly acquired Chieftains seem to be rather satisfied.

“They have been pretty happy about their new positions,” Lietz said. “The students have done a great job supporting them.”

Students ranging from every grade may miss the previous teacher of a certain class, but have nothing but a positive mind-set toward their new ones.

“Ms. Pruse is excellent and is really friendly to everyone in the building,” senior Evan Danielson said. “She’s also helped everyone in band become better musicians, including myself.”

New teachers often face the dilemma of how to get students to listen while at the same time maintaining a good relationship with their classes. According to her students, teacher Edward Wessell isn’t having any problems at all.

“Overall, Mr. Wessll is a very good teacher,” sophomore Tyler Foster said. “He’s very funny, very kind, and his teaching style is rather nice.”

Many educators find their inspiration from their own former teachers.

“I had a teacher in high school who inspired me to teach,” Wessell said. “I want to be able to impact my students in the same way he did for me.”

Students even recognize the effort the new teachers are putting into their classes and are gaining so much from it.

“I’m understanding the material a little better,” sophomore Heather Pezanowski said. “History isn’t my best subject, but Mr. Wessell is making it easier and more interesting.”

Each new faculty member will play a special role in the success day in and day out of Utica High School. No matter what class is being taught, each teacher is willing to develop and improve themselves academically and socially.

“As teachers we all have similar goals,” teacher Randal Hart said. “We just want to be able to give students the tools to be successful for high school and beyond.”