Tutoring On-line?!

Now that we are doing online schooling due to COVID-19, tutoring is a difficulty, normally after school there would be a tutoring session held for those in need, but now that we are on-line how do students get the help needed? Well we might have an answer, tutor.com, tutor.com is a website that you can use for FREE at anytime you need.

“If I am a student and it’s eight o’clock at night and my parent or somebody in my home or friend is not accessible to me or doesn’t have the ability to help me out,” said principal Thomas Lietz, “having this available tutoring process that you get to use for free which is a great utility for me.”

Tutor.com is an online tutoring site founded in 1998 that connects students to tutors in online schooling. Tutoring.com has scheduled tutoring to students, from fourth grade through college and have more than forty different subjects that you get get help with.

“Pryor to this service one of the things we tried to bring to Utica High was tutoring from being after school to make it during lunches,” said Lietz, “we knew there’s a lot of kids that couldn’t get transportation from place to place or they had athletics or other after school activities, which should not affect weather somebody gets tutoring.