Principal connects with students through new Student Advisory Board

To help him make critical decisions that will affect the student body, principal Tom Lietz created the Student Advisory Board.
“I want to be able to close the information gap between staff and students,” Lietz said. “I want students to play a much more vital role in deciding on what we should do as a school.”

Student Advisory Board hopes to attract students from all grades and academic levels. They are only required to have a teacher sponsor to apply.

“I’m not looking for students with certain GPAs,” Lietz said. “It’s also important that we have students from a wide variety of backgrounds. We need open-minded, thoughtful people who are good communicators.”

Lietz also stressed the importance of Student Advisory Board being opinionated.

“I want students with opinions, and are not afraid to express them.” Lietz said. “I want students to push back and say, ‘Mr. Lietz, we think you and the teachers are crazy and here’s why.’”

On the last Thursday of each month, 15 students will meet with Lietz for their monthly meeting.

“I think schools that don’t listen to their students’ opinions are missing out on a huge opportunity for improvement,” Lietz said. “Students should not only be able to give their opinions on the school, but also listen to somebody else’s, as well.”