Sink your teeth into the fine arts

Over the years, the term “vampire” has been changing a lot. There are some who define them as the monsters that do nothing but hunt down the innocent at night. Then there are some people who believe that vampires sparkle in the sunlight and have feelings just like everyone else. The only thing that all of these versions have in common is their craving for blood.                     While there are people who have enjoyed “Twilight” and “The Vampire Diaries,” nothing can beat the classic that is “Dracula.” Playwright and alumnus Jake Feeman is back again with another play that brings all other vampires to shame.

“[The easiest thing about writing this play was] all of the collaboration with the two directors and the whole production and just the familiarities from the whole work,” Feeman said. “The hardest part was being able to give the characters moments to shine and proper depths.”

Many students and staff were enthusiastic to hear that this was the play that will be performing. Considering that Halloween has flew by, many were relieved to see that all of the legends and monsters have not disappeared with it.

“I am pretty excited because I think it was neat that we had a student write a performance last year and I’m excited that we have another one this year,” principal Tom Lietz said. “I know some of the cast and I’m sure they will do an awesome job.”

In the performance, the setting takes place in New York where Dracula is now a businessman and he invites some friends over to his manor. When it turns out that Dracula has other intentions of inviting his guests over, it is up to them to save John’s wife, Mina, and to stop Dracula from harming anyone else.

“I had always wanted to do a production of ‘Dracula’ since I was very young and over the years as a director, I was looking for scripts and I never found one that I liked,” teacher and theater director Joel Kaczmarczyk said. “While we were doing ‘Lovely, Lovely Valentine’ last year, that was written by a student Jake Feeman, I pulled him aside and said ‘Jake would you consider writing me an adaptation of Dracula?’ He was very excited about it and he said yes and about a month later, I had a first draft.”  The cast and crew this year was a mix of all grades from seniors performing their last show from sophomores performing for the first time. Either way, students from each grade were excited to be a part of the show.
“I met so many new people and formed so many strong relations with them,” sophomore Cassidy Hough said. “Overall, it was a great experience.”
The play had performances on Nov. 5, 6, and 7, and it turned out to be a success to both old and new fans.