Helping those in need, one sole at a time

Senior Anna Hoffman makes soles for shoes for children in need

Helping those in need, one sole at a time

For every senior, it is a requirement that they fulfill a certain amount of service hours. How they choose to spend those 24 hours is up to them. While most students volunteer at nursing homes or at the soup kitchen, one student has decided to take it a step further and help those in a different country.

Senior Anna Hoffman is notorious for her appearance on stage, but has moved her focus to those less fortunate in other countries.

“I’m collecting jeans,” Hoffman said, “which you use to make templates for shoes to send to Uganda.”

Once the templates are made, they will be sent to someone who will then make the shoes for kids who don’t have any.

While this isn’t the first time Hoffman has done this, she has decided to use this towards her senior service project.

“It’s really fulfilling and it helps me feel like my life is amounting to something worthwhile,” Hoffman said. “It feels good to help those less fortunate.”

Hoffman is encouraging students to reach out to a larger community when completing hours for the senior project. So far, between 15-20 people have volunteered to help, and Hoffman is welcoming anyone else who wants to join.

“I’ve had a lot of people offer to help and ask when they can bring me jeans,” Hoffman said. “People think it’s cool that I’m doing something so unique.”

While some may feel that we should extend the number of volunteering hours, overall, it shouldn’t matter how many hours students do but rather how they do it.

“I think [community service] makes you a better person,” principal Tom Lietz said. “It sets you guys up for more success than you could imagine.”