Reminder: Midterm exams in January

Beginning the third week in January, the anticipation built up for midterms is at an all time high. As terrifying as the ‘make or break your grade’ exams may seem, with motivation and preparation, success is sure to come.

This year’s exams will take place during half days of school Jan. 20-22.

The best thing to do when getting ready to take such an important exam much like midterms is to stay on top of everything you do. You are better off studying over a longer timeline rather than studying for all of your classes in a two hour period.

“I continuously study,” senior Chase Prisza said. “I start studying and I look over notes as soon as possible so I don’t fall behind.”

Teachers help tremendously when it comes to preparing for midterms by offering studying tips and support throughout exam week.

“The one thing I do to help prepare students for midterms is periodically reviewing things about every two weeks throughout the semester,” English teacher Christine Dabrowski said. “This way we won’t be cramming everything we’ve learned throughout the first semester all at once.”

Reviewing class notes and completing exam guides is the key for success. Everyone has their own ways of studying, whether it has to do with residing in a quiet place or taking part in a study group with friends.

“I study my review and other notes I’ve taken,” sophomore Dafina Dedaj said. “I listen to music and tend to take notes along with my study guide.”

For some lucky students, test taking comes easily to them. Even for those who are not so confident in acing their tests, beginning early can be more beneficial in the long run.

“Work hard all semester and midterms will be easy,” principal Tom Lietz said. “If you have to study really hard you most likely didn’t pay attention for the 18 weeks you spent in class.”

Some classes tend to be harder when it come to studying for midterms. With AP, honors, and regular classes, the challenge level of each test varies; though all are equally important.

“I mainly worry about my English class. I can’t seem to stay focused when it comes to studying for the class,” junior Omaure Miller said. “I’m least worried about history though; I feel very prepared for it.”

It is easy to let the stress get to you. Midterms take up 20 percent of your final grade after all. Instead of letting the stress consume you, take it all in good portions. Balance studying and break times evenly throughout the course of late December and early January.

“My business management class is probably going to be the most stressful,” Prisza said. “There is so much to go over in a small period of time.”

Some students find that, although very stressful, midterms are not as big of a deal as finals in June, but they are mistaken. Midterms and finals are two very big tests that both are a summary of what you have learned in semester one or two. The only difference is what you have learned over the course of the semester and the month they are taken in.

“Midterms and finals make up 20 percent of your final grade, that’s all that colleges look at,” Lietz said. “So basically and numerically, they are the same thing. Both are very important.”
Students have enough to deal with throughout there high school careers. With homework, extracurricular activities, and work, freshman to senior year is possibly one of the busiest and most stressful times of a student’s life.
“Keep studying and stay confident,” senior Ian Briggs said. “No matter how much you think you can’t learn and it all seems like too much, remember that you can handle it.”
Whether the exam is in an AP, honors, or regular classes, get as prepared as possible for midterms with lots of studying and a great amount of confidence.
“As long as you study, take your time, and do not bug so much about it,” sophomore Renaldo Mason-Peters said. “The test should be a lot easier. Confidence is key.”