Rivals and Revelations

Creed is a continuation of the classic Rocky movies. It starts with Adonis Johnson, Apollo Creed’s son fighting in a detention center for orphaned boys. He knows nothing of his father or mother until his mom tracks him down and takes him in to live with her.

The movie fasts forwards to when Adonis is in his 20’s, working a high paying business job while boxing on the side. After a large promotion Adonis quits his job and boxes full time.

His whole life he has trained on his own, teaching himself every facet of the game. That is until he moved to Philidalphia to track down Rocky Balboa, his father’s former rival and best friend.

Once people found out about Johnson’s origin, the manager of the current champion of the world “Pretty Ricky Conlan” contacted Rocky to set up a fight between their fighters.

Johnson and Rocky train for the biggest fight of his life, against the current champion of the world “Pretty Ricky” for a big part of the movie until Rocky passes out during training. He found out that he has cancer, the same kind his wife died of.

They continued to train as Balboa fought his cancer. As an underdog no one expected Johnson to even be able to compete with the champ. He ends up going toe-to-toe with pretty Ricky and going the distance, all 12 rounds, almost identical to “Rocky I”.

“There is definitely going to be multiple creed movies,” senior Donovan Pipitone said. “I hope they make five of them like the original Rocky series.”