Is the Nightmare before Christmas a Christmas or Halloween movie ?


It’s that time of year again where people are starting to get into holiday music, game, food, and many more. But one of the most important things around this time is movies whether it be with friends or family people are constantly watching holiday movies.

Which brings up to the question, when would you watch “The Nightmare Before Christmas”? Would you watch it when the leaves start to fall for autumn, or when it starts snowing in winter? I personally would be okay with watching it any time of the year. Not everyone would agree with me, though.

Junior Athena Gorney thinks that “The Nightmare before Christmas” “is mostly about a Halloween character and their point of view.” She also thinks the movie is “set during Christmas season.”

Some people would strongly disagree with her.

“While ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ discusses both holidays, it is definitely a movie about Christmas,” teacher Steven Haley said. “Jack is unhappy with his Halloween persona, so he strives to learn as much as he can about Christmas, because he believes that he will feel more complete if he is Sandy Claws. This means that almost the whole movie revolves around Christmas, and the traditions that go along with it.”