Community service based club serves community

They help out the community, show character, tutor and demonstrate leadership skills. In our fair district, our school has been in charge of a well known club that is involved with leadership skills in and out of school.    


Which involves leadership, and performing 25 hours of community service along with 10 hours of tutoring. There are over 192 members in National Honor Society who have excelled in the tenets of this clubs with the skills of scholarship, leadership, character, and service, along with a good GPA of at least a 3.45 or higher.


“We are looking for students who are positive, give effort, and are hard working people,” teacher Linda Kammann said.


These tenets are the main goals to recognize students in order to represent National Honor Society, last year 165 members of National Honor Society completed over 6500 hours of tutoring and helped raised and donated over $5500 to the community and other school organizations, these members of NHS has fulfilled her dream with this program.  


“I love interacting with other students to help out the community,I feel proud of myself supporting the community in any way possible,” junior Daniel Martinez said.


Students that are involved with NHS knows the responsibilities it takes when being a member. Students in NHS do their very best to help out in any they can.


“ I feel pretty good about being a member of NHS,” junior Tyler Carrier said. “It’s a really good feeling knowing what it takes to be part of NHS.”


All it takes is for a student to become a member of NHS is to fill out an application and have at least a 3.45 GPA. The requirements are to complete a 25 hour of service each year, 10 hours of tutoring, attend monthly meetings, and being able to participate in fundraisers, National Honor Society has proven to be one of the most successful and work hard clubs sponsored by Utica High School. You can visit their homepage and learn more about NHS at