Dodgeball Tournament Raises Money for Special Olympics

Junior Gabe Garbarino  running to try and get the other team out

Emily Edwards

Junior Gabe Garbarino running to try and get the other team out

Sneakers squeaking on the gym floor. Faces filled with determination. Dodgeballs thrown across the gym. These were the moments that filled the last two hours of school before break.

In order to raise money for the Special Olympics, Student Council held a dodgeball tournament on Tuesday, Dec. 22. The tournament was played through fifth and sixth hour in the main gym and students were asked to pay one dollar to watch and $10 to participate.

“I didn’t mind paying when I knew it was going to a good cause,” junior Leah Wylie said. “I was happy to help.”

The competition still ran high, according to junior Tyler Newton who participated on a team of five

“I really liked winning against the teacher’s team,” Newton said.“I would totally do it again. I enjoyed seeing all my friends rooting for me on from the stands.”     

Junior Charlie Cousins was named MVP of the whole tournament.

“It feels really good to be named MVP,” Cousins said. “It makes me really excited to participate if we have the competition again.”

As the teams competed, students watched in the stands.

“My favorite part was watching the teams who were underdogs get really into it and try their best to win.”  junior Kim Soriano said.

With the help of all who participated and watched, Student Council was able to donate $1,100 to the Special Olympics.