Get ready to rock

New school tradition hits the spotlight in February

Calling all head bangers, hip shakers, and beat boxers. This February, students will want to put down their makeup brushes and pick up a mic, as last year’s He’s A Lady has been replaced with this year’s Lip Sync Battle.

“I’d like to think people will be excited for it because it’s something new,” teacher Joel Kaczmarczyk said. “Whereas He’s A Lady was just limited to guys, this is open to everyone and I think it will be a lot of fun. I expect a lot of people to come.”

While some students are upset about the change this year from He’s A Lady to Lip Sync Battle, most hold an optimistic attitude as they eagerly await to see what this new school tradition will bring to the stage.

“I think it’ll be really interesting because they have the show now. So I think it’ll be funny seeing teachers and friends doing it,” sophomore Mackenzie Daley said. “I wasn’t [planning on attending], but after my friends told me what it was about, I do plan on attending.”

Similar to and inspired by LL Cool J’s show “Lip Sync Battle,” the idea was decided upon by Principal Tom Lietz, Kaczmarczyk, and teacher Erin Derk. Having to start from scratch and making new guidelines, a lot of planning has gone into creating the new event.

“We had to recreate the application process,” Derk said. “My expectations are that a wide variety of people are contestants and we have a lot of people attend and raise a lot of money for the Macomb Charitable Foundation.”

The Lip Sync Battle will be held on Feb. 26 after school in the auditorium. Tickets will be sold at the door for $5.