Frosty Fun

Student Council Hosts First Winter Dance

Traditionally, students only have two significant dances throughout the year: homecoming and prom. This year, however, student council convinced administration to begin a new tradition, hosting the school’s first official Winter Dance.

“We got the idea from other schools that have been having dances,” senior Shannon Habba said. “We’re hoping our students will have as much fun at this dance as the other schools do.”

The dance was held on the evening of Friday, Jan. 29 in the main gym. Tickets were sold at the door, and no outside guests were allowed. A live DJ provided music for the dance.

“We drew lots of interest and student council was very interested in doing it all,” principal Tom Lietz said. “It might be costly if people do not come, but I say try everything at least three times before making a decision.”

As with the start of every social gathering, there are the normal worries and jitters about the event’s turnout. When the Winter Dance officially started, attendance was extremely low, and the dance’s success was in question. But shortly following the beginning of the dance, students began swarming the gymnasium in flocks.

“I got there pretty early,” junior Ryan Carrier said. “At first, there was like no one there. Then a bunch of people all showed up at once.”

The music and entertainment was loud and persistent. Several people danced the entire time, and as time passed, so the level of excitement seemed to rise.

“The DJ played some really good music,” junior Reagan Richardson said. “He played a lot of requests and played new music, along with some slow songs.”

The students who attended and the teachers who volunteered to help out all believe that the dance was a big success. Students said they enjoyed the energy in the air while people danced and mingled with new and old friends.

Due to the dance’s success, the quantity of students, and the quality work done by the student council and staff, administration has agreed to host the dance again next year, and student council hopes that the winter dance will become an annual occasion.