Reality of Romance

Romance movies exaggerate idea of real life love

Sweaty palms, that fluttery feeling, and fast heartbeats; it must be the flu, right? Wrong. Constantly thinking of that boy or girl, changing route to class in order to run into them, and listening to sappy pop music. All symptoms pointing to love.

Everyone’s definition of love is different. In romance movies, love is kissing in the rain or showing affection with grand gestures in Times Square. In a more realistic world, definitions are more sincere.

“Love is when you put someone else’s needs before your own and share a special bond with them,” senior Marissa Townsend said. “It’s not always so extraordinary or dramatic. It’s more about the little things.”

Movies tend to exaggerate the idea of love and present it in the form of “happily ever after.” While the idea isn’t unrealistic, it typically doesn’t involve driving off into the sunset in a carriage with a prince.

“Women sometimes get caught up in the romance of movies,” senior Ian Briggs said, “and if they’ve never been in a relationship before, it increases their expectations. I definitely think [movies] influence them.”

Year after year, romance movies have continued to exaggerate and increase people’s expectations of love. What started with John Hughes simplistic boom box scenario has now come to Nicholas Spark’s illogical perception of love. But have recent romance movies created expectations too high to reach?

“I think that they do and some romance movies give a high standard of what love actually should do,” junior Dominik Morici said. “[People should expect] someone that cares about them and has full faith about what they do.”
It’s nice to watch a romance movie every once in a while, but nothing beats the real deal.

The Fault in Our Stars

There is always that one movie that causes the audience to cry for hours after, whether they’re tears of joy or grief. While many have thought the novel was perfection, the movie sure didn’t disappoint hardcore fans. The plot revolves around Hazel Grace Lancaster, a 16-year-old cancer patient who’s in love with the book, “An Imperial Affliction.” While going to a cancer support group one day, she meets Augustus Waters. who’s both witty and charming. Pretty soon, both are given the chance to meet the author of Hazel’s favorite book, and that is when their love starts to spark.

“I thought ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ was a really good story,” senior Jessica Cummings said. “If you didn’t read the book, it was unpredictable.”

If I Stay

If you are looking for a story about the realistic struggle of first love, a heartwarming relationship between friends and family, and the stress most teenagers go through when finding a good college, this movie is a good pick for you.

“It was beautifully sad because there was a lot of emotion involved and they build up suspense to what she would choose in the end,” senior Monica Borders said. “You can really connect with the characters.”

This is about a gifted young cellist named Mia Hall who, in the beginning of the movie, is involved in a tragic car accident when taking a drive with her family. Throughout the movie, Mia is in a comatosed state, but is aware of everything going on in the hospital she is staying at. While thinking about her past with her family and her guitar-playing boyfriend Adam, and about her future of going to Juilliard, Mia is faced with the choice of staying alive or leaving for good. Warning: it is possible that tears might be spilled while watching this movie.


While movies like “Frozen” and “The Lion King” left fans wanting more, many can’t deny when they say this Disney favorite was the movie that tugged on everyone’s heartstrings.

“I think it’s adorable and the chameleon is really cute,” sophomore Nicole Mcmenomay said.

This fairy tale tells the story of a girl named Rapunzel who, by her mother, has been trapped in a tower throughout her whole life, and is desperate to see the floating lights that fly on her birthday. When a thief named Flynn Rider happens to come across her tower one day, little did they know that their unforgettable journey was only the beginning. If you are looking for a cute, funny movie to watch with younger siblings, this movie is the perfect pick.

“I think throughout the movie, [the romance] goes from really awkward to really cute,” Mcmenomay said.

Valentine’s Day

Whether single or in a relationship, “Valentine’s Day” is the perfect movie to watch on Feb. 14. Circulating around the lives of individuals who live in L.A., the movie is a bit cliché and cheesy.

“It’s a little cheesy and there are too many scenes with different people,” sophomore Elise Baumann said. “The movie bascially goes off looks and nobody does that. It was a little far fetched.”

It shows love between teenagers, adults, and older couples. While tissues may be needed during some parts of the movie, it is mostly a comedy that singles and couples of all ages can laugh in agreement during some parts.