Is Valentine’s day too one sided toward women?

February 14 is a date that is circled every year on the calendar. Valentine’s Day, like Christmas, falls on the same date every year and is a holiday that is long awaited by some and dreaded by others.

Valentine’s Day is meant to embrace love and remind partners of the reasons why they spend every day with each other. However, this holiday has gone from simple love to complicated gifts.

A majority of men in today’s world begin to fill with stress and worry when the thought of Valentine’s Day enters their mind. Instead of focusing on love and their better half, they have to worry about high expectations of crazy gifts to satisfy their loved one.

The correct definition of a holiday is “a day of festivity or recreation when no work is done.” The meaning of holiday loses its value each and every year when Valentine’s Day passes because men have to panic and feel concerned about meeting the high expectations of a loved one. What’s the point of the holiday if it’s more nerve wracking than a normal day?

In addition, love itself is supposed to represent the feeling two people mutually share for each other. Love should not be measured by a price tag or a wrapped surprise, but by the thought and time one puts in for another. When a relationship starts to base its efficiency off of dollar amounts, then that specific relationship will not last much longer.

Both partners in a relationship should put forth equal amounts of “love”, so that the relationship at hand is the best it can possibly be. In reality, relationships should have two people doing as much for the other not because of the calendar date, but simply because they want to show love to their better half.

Although men do have more work set out for them on this specific holiday, women slave for hours on almost every other holiday such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and several others. Women do a lot of hard work that they deserve credit for and don’t get, so maybe Valentine’s Day is a way of saying a big thank you. Despite this, Valentine’s Day still shouldn’t be turned an overwhelming day for men or anyone.

With all that has been said, Valentine’s Day is a great holiday and a fantastic opportunity for both members in a relationship to express their love and appreciation for each other. Men should not be nervous about Valentine’s Day, but should be excited at the opportunity they have to show compassion for one of the most important people in their life. On the other hand, women should be humble and grateful with any surprise of gift received on this holiday. When there is someone out there thinking of you and wanting to be a part of your life, there is no better feeling on the planet. Happy Valentine’s Day!