Reason for the Season

Easter is the time of year that many look forward to, mostly due to the fact that it usually coincides with spring break. But, the religious season of Lent leading up to Good Friday and Easter actually has a much more significant meaning to Christians.

The six week span of Lent, although dreaded by many, actually represents one of the biggest celebrations of all time. To Christians, Lent represents the time leading up to the death of Jesus. Also, it celebrates and appreciates his death and what he gave up for his followers. Christians, especially Catholics, give up one of the things they use and love most during those six weeks.

“Lent is an important time of year,” senior Chase Prisza said. “It’s really hard to give up my favorite stuff for such a long time.”

When the lengthy six weeks are coming to a close, Good Friday comes along. On Good Friday, Jesus was crucified for the sins of all humanity so that we are all free from sin.

The cross from which Jesus was crucified was rather tall and many people came to watch, including his mother, Mary. He was nailed to the large wooden structure by his hands and feet and was forced to wear a crown of thorns. People threw rocks, objects, and other instruments of torture at the Messiah. Most people spit at Jesus and not a soul showed him mercy.

After hearing what Jesus actually went through, it makes it seem at last a little easier to give up pop, candy, or other simple things for six weeks.

Easter Sunday is, in the eyes of the church, as significant and monumental if not more than Christmas, which was Jesus’ birth. Easter represents the resurrection of Jesus and the forgiveness of sin to all humans. Basically, this means that because Jesus rose on the third day, every human soul on the planet can go live in Heaven and rest eternally.

Easter also represents the end of Lent, in which people can then go back to doing what they gave up for Lent.

“Easter is always a relief,” junior Noah Field said. “I get gifts and Lent is finally over.”

A familiar character that comes around on Easter Sunday is the Easter bunny. The Easter bunny hides several decorated eggs and often leaves candy and gifts for the children. Many families share the tradition of Easter egg hunts as well as decorating eggs and baskets.

Easter is a very enjoyable and special holiday that is celebrated by a majority of people. It is important to remember why, not only this holiday, but why all holidays are celebrated. The real meaning behind the celebration is usually more interesting and more significant than one would think.

Easter is a holiday that is essential for remembering why the world is the way it is today. The time of year matches the history of the holiday perfectly, as the flowers of spring and summer begin to blossom, similar to the new life and chance Jesus gave his people.

So, get some sleep and get ready for a quest for hidden Easter eggs.