Spring break

As seniors scatter to various locations, many wish a trip was school organized.

Much is experienced through one’s high school years, whether it’s taking a step towards a better future in the classroom or just enjoying the crucial time of your life that is high school. Many believe that one of the last great times of high school is the senior spring break trip.

Considering the fact that by senior year, students have spent so many years together, it makes sense they would like to enjoy it together. Classmates spend a large amount of time interacting on a daily basis through classes, clubs and sports. Bonds are created between students that may not be the best of friends outside of school; but in school, they have avid conversations on a day-to-day basis.

We believe that if spring break were to be planned and organized by the school, there would be many benefits, including being with more members of your graduating class. Of course, if this doesn’t appeal to you, you simply don’t participate, or plan a different trip. However, a lot of people would appreciate not having to go through the hassle of planning the trip and ensuring a good time.

While some may admit they wouldn’t want a school-run trip because they’re worried about seeing teachers while on vacation, schools that plan spring breaks typically don’t send staff members. Instead, parent volunteers accompany seniors. Teachers would only be involved to the extent of organizing the trip through a trip adviser.

It would be nice to involve seniors by having them vote on the location of the trip, as well as the accommodations. A key factor in the decision-making process of where to go is cost. One of the big advantages to having a large group travel together is the large group discount. Not only would this result in more students joining in because of the savings, but it could also result in a more luxurious and safe place to stay.

“The real deciding factor for me about spring break was getting to enjoy it with the people closest to me,” senior Peter Gjini said. “I know I’m not the only person that thinks that, which is why I think spring break being ran through school would benefit students a lot.”

People enjoy a spring break where fun will be all around, whether you’re going out of your way for an activity or just at your hotel with some friends.

A majority of students agree vacations are a time where anyone can escape their everyday worries. For seniors, much of what makes spring break important is being with your friends and reminiscing on all the good times you have had throughout high school, before heading off into the real world of college and careers. Hopefully the school will consider organizing a trip for future seniors to ensure their safety, discounts and upgraded accommodations that accompany group travel, and time with many classmates.