The New York Experience

Pack your bags; it’s time to head back to the City of Dreams. On March 15, ten publication staff members will be traveling to New York City to receive the Arrow’s second consecutive Crown Award.

The Award is the highest recognition given to student print and multimedia platforms by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. It represents excellence and is an honor to be a finalist, recognized as a top student publication.

“Although the newspaper is really good, I was surprised that we got it two years in a row. It is a really exclusive event and is a complete honor,” adviser Stacy Smale said. “The editors work super hard and that really translates into the quality of work that not only the community enjoys, but judges recognize, as well.”

The award ceremony is being held at Columbia University, and during the two day prior to the presentations, multiple workshops and classes about writing, designing, business, and other journalistic fields will take place. Here both newspaper and yearbook students will learn how to expand their skills and improve their publications. They will also be able to meet different people from all over the country.

“It’s a networking thing. You’re going to meet a bunch of kids, professors, and teachers who do what they’re passionate about,” principal Tom Lietz said. “You’re going to shake hands, hear perspectives, and see new types of journalism.”

On top of visiting Columbia and expanding journalistic skills, students will explore Time Square, go on the Staten Island Fairy ride around the Statue of Liberty, see “Les Miserable” on Broadway, tour Central Park, and so much more.

“I’m just really excited to see the city and visiting Columbia, because I’ve never been before,” junior Angel Augustitus-Bell said. “I want to go into a career in journalism, so I think visiting the university will help prepare me for college and my career plans.”

Prior to this year, newspaper and yearbook students went to New York where they won a Silver Crown Award. In contrast to this year, students ate out at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Factory, some made a surprise appearance on the Today Show, and walked around the Rockefeller center.

“My favorite part was the day we journeyed around New York and went to the 9/11 Memorial Museum and the ferry ride,” senior Ben Byrne said. “The trip was really fun and made us all close as a class.”

Being able to experience something like traveling to New York with your classmates and friends is a complete honor. There is so much to experience, as it’s so different compared to the quaint suburbs of Shelby Township.

“The secondary advantage is experiencing something outside of Michigan,” Lietz said. “New York is a pretty cool place and it will be an amazing trip.”