Q&A with Lietz

Get all your questions answered about senior activities

As the school year draws to an end, the excitement for summer heightens and seniors look to closing one chapter of their life and opening another.

For most students, the best part of the year is the end of the year. Many events flood the calendar such as Prom, Senior All Night Party, and Graduation. It can be hard keeping track of all these events, with applications for college being due and preparations for graduation or grad parties. To help students out we’ve interviewed Mr. Lietz and asked questions most students have about the upcoming events.

When is the last day to pay for the Senior All Night Party?

*To be updated

Will there be anything new added to the Senior Picnic?

“I don’t believe so.”

What time does the Senior Picnic start?

“10:30 a.m on June 3.”

When is the senior’s graduation practice?

“1:00 p.m on June 10.”

What is the time and date for graduation?

“10:00 a.m on June 11.”

When is the parent/student graduation meeting?

“6:00 p.m and 7:30 p.m on May 3.”

What are some of the guidelines for the Senior All Night Party?

*To be updated

What should students bring with them to the Senior Picnic?

“Nothing, just themselves. We provide food, drinks, and lots of fun things. Mr. Kranzo does a lot to make it fun.”

Are there certain colors students need to wear on graduation day?

“No, we talk about it at the parent/student meeting.”

When do we get our caps and gowns?

“The cap and gown distribution is Tuesday, June 7 at 9 a.m in the auditorium.”