April Showers Bring Spring Movies

Another season means another sea of movies flooding into theaters. Expect punches, laughs, tears, controversy, disappointments, and perhaps unexpected triumphs. The following films hope to get a jumpstart on the Summer Movie craze via their early release dates. These aren’t all the spring movies with a lot of hype, but these movies certainly do have an audience eagerly awaiting their release dates. Consider these movies the next time you’re at the theater.

The Jungle Book

The live action reboot currently lives in infamy, receiving critical pannings due to dodgy CGI and flimsy scripts that misrepresent their source material, such as The Smurfs and Alvin and the Chipmunks. The Jungle Book seeks to change this stigma. With an all star cast featuring Scarlett Johansson, Bill Murray and Idris Elba. The film will still remain a musical with new songs, however The Bare Necessities will be re-recorded with Murray’s vocals. Expect this version of The Jungle Book to be compared to the Warner Brothers’ own version, Jungle Books Origins, which will release in 2017. “I think they’ll probably rely more on the movie than the book,” junior Zackary Stetanko said. Disney’s live action The Jungle Book swings into theaters April 15th

Huntsman: Winter War


Snow White and the Huntsman received mixed reception from both critics and audiences alike upon its 2012 release date. The prequel/sequel, Huntsman: Winter War, hopes to redeem itself of its past misdoings. Huntsman: Winter War is a dark fantasy film about the Evil Queen Ravenna (Charlize Theron) being resurrected by her equally wicked Ice Queen sister Freya (Emily Blunt.). The casting has dropped Kristen Stewart, who played Snow White in the previous film. This is likely due to her scandalous affair with director Rupert Sanders in 2012. “The affair could make people not want to support the movie,” senior Megan O’Hara said. “Some people also might have liked Stewart in the role, and thought the affair wasn’t that big of a deal.” Huntsman Winter War storms into theaters April 22nd.

Captain America: Civil War


With a recent trailer displaying Spider-Man showing up for the battle, more people than ever are talking about Captain America: Civil War. Many comic fans have been waiting patiently to see the Civil War story arc portrayed on the big screen. The Civil War story arc begins with a villain named Nitro causing a massive explosion, causing congress to propose the Superhuman Registration Act. This would require superheroes to surrender their secret identities and be regulated by the government. Iron Man is in favor of the act, whereas Captain America is opposed. “I like Iron Man more because he fights for what he believes is right,” sophomore Marcus Shackleford said. “Plus he’s just awesome.” This comic arc has been popular since 2006 and beyond, being featured across a wide variety of Marvel media. The War will begin on May 6th.

Alice: Through The Looking Glass


Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland struck a chord with audiences for its creative visuals and charming cast, despite some criticisms regarding its story telling. “I think Burton has a creative, unique style,” senior Emma Sala said. “He’s darker and gloomier, but he uses it to really show Alice going on a magical journey.” Burton’s version of Wonderland returns with Alice: Through the Looking Glass, the less explored story of Wonderland from Lewis Caroll. Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Mia Wasikowska and Sacha Baron Cohen will all reprise their roles for the film. Strange occurrences such as a mirror world, Humpty Dumpty’s great fall, and talking flowers were in the novel of the same name, so they will more than likely return in the movie. The madness returns May 27th.