Putting a cap on the year

Seniors prepare for the final events of their high school careers

From meeting for the first time in kindergarten, to growing up with one another through junior high and high school, students are finally getting to graduate with their classmates, who have been there since the beginning.

While this may be disheartening for some, for other students the last month of school is filled with nothing but excitement and anticipation.

“I’m not looking forward to graduating,” senior Valentina Giambanco said,” but I’m excited for the next events that we’re going to do as a class. I think [prom] is going to be better than homecoming.”

With seniors’ high school careers quickly coming to an end, students are trying to make the best of the last few weeks of school.

“I’ve been making sure all my grades are good,” senior Crystal Shaba said. “Always focus on your grades and don’t slack off because it’s worth it in the end.”

Upcoming senior activities are quickly approaching with the senior picnic happening on June 3, prom on the 9, followed by graduation and the senior all-night party on the 11.

For the picnic, seniors will be completing their fourth, fifth, and sixth hour exams on June 2 and their first, second, and third hour exams on June 3. Following the half day on Friday, seniors will head down to the field behind the school for fun activities.

“Senior picnic is a senior event that has been going on in high schools for decades,” assistant principal Jeremy Kranzo said. “It’s a way to send students off.”

The senior picnic will include inflatables, catering and many other fun activities.

“The hope is that the weather will be nice,” Kranzo said, “or everything goes into a condensed area.”

Long, flowing dresses, suits and ties, a great DJ, and a night of everlasting memories. All the necessities that make for a night to remember: prom.

“A lot of work [goes into it],” teacher Kelly Bronski said. “Seeing the excitement on students’ faces on prom night makes it worth it.”

With prom right around the corner, many students are getting excited as they do last minute promposals and purchases for dresses and tuxes.

“I’m excited because I will be with all of my friends,” senior Juliana Caporuscio said, “and it’s one of the last things I will do with my class.”

Even though prom may be leaving some students feeling anxious, it is not the only event making students excited. In less then a month, seniors will be walking the stage with diploma in hand.

“It’s like a bittersweet feeling,” senior Jaymi Gittens. “[I’m looking forward to] leaving, but not getting there so early.”

After all the excitement from commencements, the fun will continue with the all-night party being held at Joe Dumars.
Whether students are feeling excited or nervous for the end of the year, just remember that “We’re all in this Together.”